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Grey • Sport • Training • Shoes

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Reviews for: Grey Sport Training Shoes

426 reviews
Crazy Train Boost Shoes I bought 2 pair
February 01 2016

I was looking for a trainer that had a little more cushioning than Reebok Nanos and Inov-8's. I complete 3 conventional strength training sessions per week and finish them with metabolic conditioning workouts of about 20 minutes (WOD's). I wanted a shoe that would provide support during traditional heavy squats, deads, and presses and also be responsive enough during box jumps, burpees,etc. I also wear custom orthotics and these shoes accommodate them very well. I have used boost running shoes for long distance running and have been very happy with the cushioning. I haven run in these yet, but am sure they will accommodate my needs when I do. ... read more

Spartan13, Bristol, CT, USA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Ideal
February 01 2016

Bought these shoes as a few people had recommended them to me. They certainly feel a lot more sturdier than normal trainers so hopefully with the extra sturdiness the confidence should build and start lifting big. The only recommendation I could give is to go a half size bigger as they are rather tight, unless they give slightly ... read more

Moobuttabean, Carlisle,uk go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes 2nd Pair Perfect
January 31 2016

Bought these for my son for Christmas in a 10 which is the same as his adidas football boots. They were too small so ordered in an 11 and they are perfect. Would recommend that if you are used to buying adidas you go at least a half size or even a full size larger. Must say the return and refund of the original pair was easy and straight forward. ... read more

sj57, Cornwall go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Really great unisex shoe for novices / beginners
January 25 2016

I am a woman and always have trouble finding gear that isn't pink or a horrible 'girly colour' so I was thankful I found these. I also have wide feet so always a problem to get shoes that fit me, these shoes were a gamble that paid off - nice wide fit and very solid without being heavy. Really good for novice weightlifters like me, I can feel the different in the power of my deadlifts and squats in these shoes. The only vaguely negative thing I would say is that the top of the shoe toe can curl in and squash your toes a bit if you're walking about or stretching in them but the shoe outer is soft so there is quite a bit of give anyway, just not really a shoe to walk around in a lot! I use different trainers to walk to the gym and change into these just for weight sessions. ... read more

London go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes So good, everyone in my household is rocking them!
January 23 2016

I fell in love with these after simply trying them on. I convinced them or otherwise purchased myself these for my family members & boyfriend who all love them as well. I would imagine for average feet women these might fit a bit large but half the reason I was sold on these was the fact that they are a bit wider than most style shoes & my feet while small (size 5) are still rather wide, and the 5's fit like a dream. ... read more

2007gigir go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Exellent Value and perfect for the gym
January 21 2016

I bought these trainer as an impulse purchase and i can safely say its one of the best purchases i've ever made. Normally i like to try my trainers on before i buy them to ensure the width and size are comfortable. They fit perfectly, really comfortable when on the treadmill or bike and provides plenty of support when going for those heavy lifts. A really good all round trainer for your gym purposes. ... read more

Hoddesdon go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes The training shoe I've been looking for!
January 21 2016

I do circuit training 4 times a week and I have been looking to update a VERY old pair of runners (but I couldn't bring myself to throw them away because nothing seemed to compare) BUT now I can because these shoes are even better than my old ones... so THANK YOU! Finally, a pair of runners that look good but actually give the support and flexibility you need when exercising!! Highly recommend. ... read more

cmoo5, London, UK go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes True to size, perfect for the gym
January 14 2016

I take mainly small group "powerbuilding" classes that usually mix rowing or other cardio, with powerlifting (back squats, deadlifts, bench press, depeding on the day.) I had been using Adidas rocket boost running sneakers for over a year, which are great for running, not so great for lifting. These crazy train boost have a nice flat, stable sole and mid-foot stabilizer with just enough cushion to keep them comfortable. I had tried other crossfit type sneakers from rbok and inov8 but found them too flat and had no cushioning. I would imagine these would be a hit with crossfitters, they are everything the Nano's want to be (or that I wanted them to be). I found these to run true to size, I usually were an 11 for running sneakers and 10 1/2 for Sambas, the 10 1/2 Crazy Train were a perfect fit with a narrow midfoot but roomy enough toe box for lifting. They are stiffer than running sneakers and you wouldn't want to run more that a couple of miles, tops, in these, but they are light and sturdy. Highly recommend these. ... read more

PeteJ, Astoria, NY go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Good Crossfit all-rounder
January 14 2016

I bought these to have a change from nano's. They looked ideal for Crossfit, flat sole for lifting but also a slightly raised toe for running. I've only had them a week. Used them for lifting, metcon and they're pretty good over 800m runs too. I wouldn't be looking to cover any distance in them though. Cheaper than nano's and a better all rounder. Thumbs up so far! ... read more

CraigL1, Cumbria, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Excellent Shoe
January 14 2016

I do a lot of HIIT and Weights, these shoes are perfect for this type of training. They have a great sole which provide a solid and stable foundation. Other shoes I've tried even with zero or minimal drop still tend to roll in a the lateral movement, but these keep my feet in the right position all the time. ... read more

gripper72, North West, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes WOW do no hesitate
January 11 2016

I have always lifted with my dead-lifts and squats bare footed. However having these has really allowed me to keep my stability and and actually lift a lot heavier than before. Would defo recommend to any serious lifter. Really comfortable and love the fact that they allow half sizes for best fit. ... read more

SSMANN1990, London UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Love them already
January 09 2016

These are my first pair of weightlifting shoes, I bought them after watching some videos about how they can improve olympic lifts etc. They fit perfectly, i'm a size 10.5 in adidas shoes and they were exactly right. The delivery was a little late, but I'm no rush as I am currently building a weightlifting platform. I would definitely recommend. ... read more

JM909, Cambridge, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Looks very plush
January 08 2016

Another excellent pair of Adidas shoes. They look amazing, very smart but also casual. Very comfortable. I ordered a half size higher as adidas shoes are normally a bit narrow but I think a 10 would have been perfect but I can live with the 10.5 ... read more

Garyn, Brighton uk go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Would wholly recommend
January 08 2016

Very nice shoe and looks aesthetically very appealing. Provide a stable base and are very comfortable. It doesn't get 5* because the fit was slightly narrower than expected and, when worn with thicker socks, they feel tighter - although I naturally have wide feet. However, it's quite negligible and their purpose is to provide stability and that's exactly what they do. ... read more

Alexander95, London go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Solid Shoe
January 08 2016

I typically workout barefoot but made the switch to a WL shoe because I am joining a weightlifting club. I like the heel, it is not too aggressive but provides a sold base from which to lift. Would definitely recommend. ... read more

StrengthCoach, Canada go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Cool
January 06 2016

I was nervous about the fitting of these liftingshoes, but they fit perfectly! The colour is not quite what i expected as it is much more vibrant and neon (I ordered the green pair) but I do like it though. ... read more

Lalahaka, Denmark go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Christmas Present
January 02 2016

Got these for my boyfriend for Christmas. As he has never owned a pair of adidas shoes, he was not sure of his size but I ordered his normal size and it fit perfectly! He was so excited to wear it for his squats as he is a powerlifter. ... read more

katt33 go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Good, not great
December 24 2015

The trainers are very light with a strong cushioned sole. The area for putting your foot into the trainers is very narrow. Once your foot is in, the heel part of your foot is very secure but the front area of the shoe feels too open. Could have done with being more supportive around the toes. ... read more

Ishy0101, Birmingham go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes satisfied with first impression
December 19 2015

they feel very stabile, heel is quite high so its easy to squat. also good for rope jumping, i tested them with dobule unders and it was easier to jump with them than stabile 11 ( less cousion around the toes), also felt better than in boosts. they have a lot of grip for rope climbing, also shoe has a lot of grip. they are also quite light. they have good lateral stabilty , its quite hard to flip them, also foot stays in place. i wear trainers from 10 ( powerlift) to 11 ( energy boost), took 10.5 and they feel almost perfect . i have a quite wide foot. will buy them again ... read more

bivr, slovenia go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Just what I needed
December 13 2015

I purchased these shoes as a gift to myself for sticking to a strict routine in the Gym, involving progressively heavier squats. I've been doing the routine mostly in Converse, due to the flat, sturdy sole. However, as I got above 100kg, I felt my feet slide slightly to the sides, which is where I decided to invest in these. They are great shoes. The fit was perfect, they were double boxed for delivery and I'm very happy with my purchase. They feel well made, they have laces and a strong velcro strap to really strap your feet in (and prevent that slide I mentioned earlier). The sole is solid and slightly elevated, which I find sets a good angle for me to squat better. I would not recommend using these to Deadlift due to the thickness of the heel (do it barefoot) - but I would certainly recommend wearing these for Squats! ... read more

Smith87, Manchester, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Look and feel good
December 13 2015

Bought these as a Christmas present for my son. They look and feel good and came highly recommended. I'm sure they will fit the bill perfectly as all his football wear are excellent quality and fit. Will update if any different ... read more

Gallysj, Cornwall go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Fab present for my boyfriend
December 13 2015

My boyfriend is into lifting and I don't have a clue about it so was a bit of a gamble getting these shoes for him! He loves them though and said they fit perfectly. I love the colours too the yellow is more of a lime green but looks great with the black regardless! ... read more

Lh281, Yorkshire uk go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great lifting shoes
December 12 2015

A great purchase to compliment your weight lifting program. As soon as you try them you instantly feel more stable as they have great grip to the floor and feel very secure round the ankle particularly during heavy lifts ... read more

Pawl, Glasgow go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great squats shoes, my first pair
December 11 2015

Great shoes! I wasn't quite sure what to expect because it's my first pair. Have been just using converse up to now. Would definitely recommend them. My feet feet much more secure and rooted with squatting. They are a tad longer than my other shoes but the width is just right. The laces and strap mean that you can fasten them tight to you. ... read more

T91D, Liverpool go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Fab trainers
December 11 2015

Bought these for my hubby. Really stylish, neat trainers. Hubby is normally a uk size 8, however I have found with all adidas trainers they are slightly smaller fitting so we went for size 8.5 and they fit like a glove. So comfortable and on trend. ... read more

Monkeypatstick, Northern Ireland go to product
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