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Reviews for:

110 reviews
adizero Adios 3 Shoes Great a real improvement on the Adios Boost 2
January 31 2016

Having completed a 5km, 10km and half Marathon in these I feel comfortable stating that these are a great pair of running Trainers. They are a real improvement over the Adios 2s which I found were far too narrow and caused me pain, thankfully Adidas have corrected this. I also like the styling. ... read more

Wisem, London, UK go to product
adizero Adios 3 Shoes # 1 runner
January 23 2016

Just got these. Smashed out 17 miles my first go and hawt dog, these are fire! Great fit, and I love the cushion to stiffness ratio. I have a lot of running shoes and these are officially # 1. Will be shredding the Boston Marathon in them this year. The perfect marathon shoe. ... read more

Runnahing, Portland go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Perfect Shoes for track/faster work
January 18 2016

Have already used the grey version of the adios boost and wanted to replace. Extremely light, great grip, plus with the option to personalise them! Recommend highly for your track/interval sessions or for shorter race distances. ... read more

MDubz, London go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Very good trainer
January 18 2016

I didn't realise just how much I needed a new pair of trainers until I got these ones. They seem to make running that little bit easier. Slightly tight the first time I tried them on so I was thinking about changing the size however after the first time wearing them they seemed to give another half a size and are now perfect. ... read more

Jamieq, Darlington, UK go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Nice trainers
January 10 2016

Great trainers for the distance I run ( no more than 6miles ) would definately recommend them and brilliant service from adidas. One thing I'm a size 9 normally but would recommend getting half size bigger as 9 was a bit snug.. ... read more

Gooner1, Carlisle UK go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Best of both worlds
January 07 2016

Having not updated my trainers for a while, I began the difficult task of scouring the shops for a replacement. This is no easy task, with the numerous shoes available and the continual development of running shoes. I actually came across the Adizero Boost range whilst on vacation in Toyko and whilst testing out my running style on the treadmill, I was recommended these shoes. Immediately, I knew what I have been missing on. A running shoe which is not only aesthetically pleasing on the eye but also helps in 'boosting' performance. I can only recommend these trainers for anyone who, like me, needed a new pair but also is conscious on performance. Such was my joy of getting this pair in Toyko, the shop attendant took a picture of a satisfied customer to help promote the Boost range! ... read more

Vazza, London, UK go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Fast Shoe
January 07 2016

I was sceptical when I was told these were a "fast shoe", as in my mind a shoe can't really help speed! However, on my first half marathon in these shoes, I managed to get 2 minutes off my personal best of 1 hour 25 mins. I am doing the London Marathon this year so looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in these shoes. Also look great in the green colour. Also went with the personalised option, I thought they would be stitched but they aren't - so a bit concerned they might come off when running in wet weather - will wait and see. Overall a very comfortable and lightweight fast paced running shoe. ... read more

Geth32, Anglesey, UK go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes Good purchase.
December 14 2015

Bought them because I liked the look of them online. So pleased with the fit, tight and snug but not too tight. They offer good support, and look like a classy trainer, rather than all the bling that you see on trainers these days. ... read more

Gandi67, Lincoln. go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Most comfortable and stylish shoes ever
December 06 2015

I ordered theses Adidas shoes online in a size ten and I was a little worried they would be on the small side but when I received them in the mail I was very happy to find they fit perfectly. The shoes fit true to size and are very comfortable and stylish. I wear them a lot and I will definitely order another pair soon maybe in a different colour. ... read more

natashab go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes The best Race shoes, but size up!
November 15 2015

My son is a size 6, so i bought, 6, 6.5 and 7.. Lucky I did!, He needed the 7!. I love that adidas offer free delivery and returns! making ordering different sizes affordable. slightly concerned that the postage cost they pay from germany to the UK and back again would cost them more than the profit on the shoes though? These Adios Boost 2's are perfect for the track or shorter distances when you need a little more support for regular training. The grip is exceptional too. Really impressed with this shoe and will look for a pair for myself now! ... read more

Harbrook, Brighton go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Light, Supportive & Great Grip
November 11 2015

This is the second pair of Adios Boost's I've bought. They are light but offer great support. The continental Tyre grip is long lasting, even after 400 miles. I have worn them for speed work and long runs out in the countryside. ... read more

John36, Hertfordshire go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes nice shoe
November 02 2015

Been running with minimal style addi zero for running offroad up mt manganui, because didnt like the bulky responce and supernova. These feel like they fit perfectly for my now 80% road running scenario and more cushioned in the toe area but still light. They feel better for longer distances for me and because they have a full rubber sole i can use them for jumping on my hardtail and hit some jumps round aucklands urban jungle. Nice bit of daglo detail to keep it interesting. Nice shoe. ... read more

munkeyboy, auckland nz go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great all-round shoe!
October 20 2015

I recently decided that I would buy some new shoes to help me keep fit during my studying at university. I have suffered with knee problems for the last few years after a minor injury, and would get knee aches after long periods of running, so did my research into finding a supportive shoe to avoid the knee aches I got in previous running shoes. These shoes provide great stability and support that I need and I have now avoided any knee pains whatsoever, and whilst being very supportive the shoe is also extremely lightweight and comfortable, and the Boost soles give an amazing bounce, much greater than all other previous shoes I've owned. I would highly recommend this shoe to any type of runner, the Boost soles especially are a must for anyone! ... read more

Ollie18 go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great Running Shoes
October 19 2015

I got these after having the Glide Boosts and love the lighter weight shoe- I've already gotten a couple of PRs on my runs. I'm training for a couple of marathons and these shoes have been holding up well to 30-40 mile weeks. I have the black pair and love the mismatching green/pink coloring- it definitely doesn't hurt to make them look as good as they feel! ... read more

Tinag28, Atlanta, GA go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Super light running shoe
October 19 2015

When I received the shoes I thought they sent me and empty box. These shoes are lighter than my old Adizero Boston shoes that they replace. The support feels concentrated in the middle of the forefoot. This is where I aim to land my strides. I like the bias cutout on the heel. If you do have a heel landing this shape will have the heel to road contact area almost parallel, so your foot does not get twisted. The laces and the overall shape are almost identical to the Adizero Boston so these too allow a perfect snug fit, but the Adios may even be better than their predecessors. ... read more

RonaldO60, Baltimore MS, USA go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Boost caused knee discomfort
October 07 2015

I run two marathons per year, one in the spring and one in the fall each year. My shoe is the adios. That shoe was moved to boost technology. I purchased my first pair in early 2014, orange and silver, started experiencing slight knee discomfort after my first run, but I thought it was a running technique issue. I raced one marathon in those shoes. Purchased a second, same issue although not as bad. My current pair, purchased in Feb 2015, have caused even more knee discomfort. I wish there was an adios option without boost technology. Otherwise, I'm afraid I am going to move to another shoe maker. I would like to avoid because all my running apparel (running shorts, short and long-sleeve running shirts, socks, pants, jackets, gloves, beanies) are also adidas. ... read more

Mt. Pleasant, Mclean, VA go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Great racing shoes
October 05 2015

I have ran around 100km in these shoes so far and compared to the ultraboosts, they have more structure and support for a mid to forefoot striker. The sole also seems much more durable than the ultraboosts and they are significantly lighter. ... read more

Sambots, Toronto go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes A fast comprehensive shoe but two flaws
September 15 2015

I've owned two pairs of these and put 600km through them. I have quite wide feet and they come up quite narrow. This means that my outside (little) toes rub holes in the mesh very quickly - like 200-300km quickly. Its a really design flaw and happens all too readily. Knit-like construction does seem to help so the Ultra Boost will be worth a try. Also, on longer runs my particular pronation caused the inner sole to move slightly creating a ridge inside on the outer edge which, during a marathon, was uncomfortable. This isn't easy to correct, the second pair I had hasn't done this quite so often on longer runs. However, these shoes have given me PBs in 5k to marathon distance and their light construction has improved my cadence and reduced my fatigue. I'm not a great mid-foot striker, I still favour heel when tired, but I do think the Boost has given me a little less fatigue than I'd normally expect. Tread-wise, nothing has been grippier on wet tarmac (ashphalt) concrete or paving slabs. You can run with confidence in damp and greasy conditions. I have done some light trail running in these too (coastal paths, canal paths and disused rail lines) and generally if it's not too rocky (where the lack of strength in the upper causes you to turn an ankle) they're absolutely fine. In short, a good recommendation for long-distance training and even the shorter stuff but you'll get longer wear from them if your feet are narrow and if you have a more truly neutral style. ... read more

smorgasbord, London, UK go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Incredibly light & fast !
September 14 2015

I am an avid outdoor distance runner, year round..been wearing adizero tempo running shoes since the first prototype..the 7's are manufactured with better quality assurance than the 6's..toe box improved; however if I had any issue a tad more room would add to a perfect running shoe for a neutral runner who is light weight and loves resistance and feeling the ground as they stride. ... read more

RunnerMom13, New York go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes good to go
August 27 2015

normally this is something i wouldn't recommend, these were first pair of shoes I put on straight out the box and ran 25km as part of a 100km team relay. Lightweight energenic shoe! Will be using this shoe as my got to daily trainer ... read more

DrMattDC, Lockyer Valley, Qld, Australia go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes love these shoes
August 27 2015

The last 2 years i have been regularily training and running in half marathons. I have found these shoes to be excellent from the get go. For a runner weighting 100kg I find these shoes make me feel light and energenic ... read more

DrMattDC, Lockyer Valley, Australia go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Great shoe, beware of changes
August 25 2015

I owned three pairs of the Tempo 6. Love them! When I heard that Adidas made them even better with the Boost foam, I couldn't wait to try them. There are lots of changes from the 6 to the 7. There is no space under the left insole for a foot pod or mi tech. They run smaller and a little more narrow. The toe box was too small for me, so I had to return them. I'm hoping to find a pair in a store so I can see if the fit is right before I buy. ... read more

AA96E, Livonia, MI go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Back to School shoes
August 24 2015

These shoes look great and work well for the gym. Not every shoe is good for both inside the gym and outside on the track. I have to watch for shoes that will not turn an ankle and these shoes fit the bill! Adidas shoes last well and fit very wide feet. I don't mind spending more for Adidas shoes because I know they will fit, do the job and last! ... read more

cjms, Hamilton go to product
Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Awesome
August 24 2015

Simply a perfect fit and an anatomically correct sole. Finally, a shoe company who doesn't think it can replace millions of years of evolution of the human suspension system with a few millimetres of man made foam ! ... read more

Wizard7, Windsor, UK go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes good running shoes but tight fit
August 16 2015

these trainers look great and feel light and comfortable. However I would suggest going half a size larger than you normally are for a more comfortable fit. I am a mild over pronator and these seem to work well with me. ... read more

JimmyCh, london go to product
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