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adidas - Energy Boost Shoes Solar Yellow  /  Metallic Silver  /  Black Q33959
Men's Running

Energy Boost Shoes

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Color Solar Yellow / Metallic Silver / Black (Q33959)
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Energy Boost Shoes

Note on sizing: For a traditional fit, order 1/2 size up. You put a lot of energy into your run, and the men's adidas Energy Boost shoes give some of it back. Designed with an energy-returning boost™ midsole, these running shoes feature a techfit™ upper and the TORSION® SYSTEM for support.
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces (size 9)
  • Energy-returning boost™ midsole keeps every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy; TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
  • techfit™ technology for lightweight and flexible upper support
  • Flexible textile upper with welded synthetic overlays for support and stability
  • External heel counter for maximal heel fit and running comfort; miCoach® compatible
  • BOOST™ provides a higher energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry. Feel anything but a revolution? Just return your BOOST™ shoes to us within 30 days and we’ll happily refund you. See Return Policy for details.
  • Imported
  • Torsion Technology

    Benefit: Midfoot Support

    What it is: A bar between the toes and heel

    How it works: TORSION system helps shoes flex correctly, supporting the midfoot while allowing the toes and heel to move independently.


    Benefit: Endless Energy

    What it is: A revolutionary foam

    How it works: Boost features thousands of visible energy capsules that store and unleash endless energy every time your foot hits the ground.

Energy Boost Shoes 4.5 5 519 538
No my choice Too soft for me. It no stability for run or walk! twisting all time side by side... April 13, 2013
Perfect for Me I had to go half a size higher than normal, but it then fit like a glove. The sensation on hard surfaces was amazing, I really felt the feedback from the road without significant jarring impact on my legs. Broke PBs on 5/10/HM within 2 weeks. In wet conditions, they let the water in, but well worth it. May 4, 2013
A noteworthy addition that lives up to its name!!! When I first stepped into the energy boost, the first thing I noticed was the advancement in technology since my last pair of running shoes. It utilises new performance enhancing materials which I had not yet seen before. The boost is narrow and streamlined which left me wondering if my slightly wide feet would feel comfortable in them. And to adidas' credit they do the best job possible for a shoe of this type by using stretchy elastic type material in the upper. I like the comfortability of the seamless upper too #I did have concerns about its structural stability & thought my feet might slip around too much, but this was not the case#. Although the upper is tight it does not put unwanted pressure on the foot. That said though, it is still a shoe I would only slip on to run in then put my traditional runners back on when finished. Although for those with narrow feet it could be worn all day if desired. Moving onto the sole unit, I declare Adidas should take a bow for the new BOOST CUSHIONING they have developed. I dont take much note of marketing techniques, as major shoe companies tend to talk up and over-exaggerate their new developments. However I believe the marketing claims of the boost are true. The boost cushioning certainly lives up to its name #and its claims#. It was soft & responsively springy on a variety of terrains and through various weather conditions. Something I would like to see is a stronger, more durable upper applied to a less streamlined shoe with boost cushioning so it can be used for everyday training, walking around and sports use. However, I'm sure Adidas will be using this cushioning on most of their future shoes and look foward to what will be developed. The Adidas energy boost are one fine pair of shoes. They suit me well, as I have previously torn ligaments in my ankle. If I wear lightweight trainers or racing flats, I sometimes feel a painful jar in my ankle when I land due to the lack of cushioning. I am then left to wear shoes with more cushioning which tend to be heavier & less responsive. However the energy boost combines the best of all three worlds - they are the most cushioned & most responsive shoe I have worn and also one of the lightest. Well done Adidas. The only reason I did not provide a 5 star rating is because, like most things I believe there can always be some fine-tuned improvements. The energy boost was snug in most areas but I belive a more secure fit could have been made though a wider tongue that wraps around the foot, more eyelets for the laces, and a slighlty more curved back to lock the heel down. I am also yet to find out how durable they are, but looking at the thin upper I would suggest they could have been $20 or $30 cheaper. All-in-all these aspects did not bother me and I would gladly purchase another pair again - just to add that extra spring to my step. July 10, 2013
One of the best shoes I've had First of all, a little bit of background. I am a 10K recreational runner, and from time to time I would do up to a 10Mi run. Most of the time I run out on a trail with very few treadmill runs. Also I have some runner knee problems on the left leg and I use orthotics. This condition requires me to use running shoes who offer good support and reduce the impact on my legs while running. Some of the shoes I've tried feel really hard, but these ones feel so comfortable and the materials are top of the line. I took them for several runs and they offer great support and cushioning. I've had no pain or problems at all with them so far! Aside from the comfort, the shoes look and feel great! The materials are very resistant, I've had them for a couple of weeks and they look great (I do clean the dirt after each run). Also, I like to do max interval training, and I've taken these shoes to the gym and the response is just as good! I don't get any chaffing and my feet feel great after taking them off. If you like to do different kinds of drills and are a passionate runner who wouldn't mind some extra comfort while doing so, then you should get this pair of shoes! As a note, you should order half size up for great fit. February 25, 2013
Worth the price. Review of the Adidas Energy Boost. I did not know what to expect when I received these shoes. They were not out yet, so when I opened the box my first reaction was one of surprise when I saw how good these look. I proceeded to try them on, and noticed something unusual. There are only 4 pairs of eyelets for the shoelaces. That seemed a little strange to me, especially for a performance shoe, in which you expect to have a customized fit. As soon as I finished tying the shoelaces I understood why there are only 4. The upper part of the shoe is made of a material that compresses your feet, in a good way. I guess a way to describe how they feel is kind of like a performance running sock, with a major difference. These shoes, despite hugging your feet, are extremely comfortable. I have read online that the most remarkable feature about these shoes is the breakthrough technology of the sole material, and I will get to that in a minute, but to me the upper materials are just as extraordinary. I am very particular with how my shoes fit. In running shoes, I like the fit to be snug but I have to be able to wiggle my toes. What’s amazing about the material they have developed is that it hugs your feet but at the same time you have considerable freedom of movement. I also thought that the material might give in and be less supportive after some use, but that has not happened yet. They are as supportive as the day I first tried them on. And then there is the midsole. Wow. It looks like Styrofoam, but it is obvious that this material is very different from what is used in all the shoes I have worn before. Two characteristics are worth mentioning. First, the cushioning it provides. Whether I was walking or running, it felt like I was on clouds. This made for a very comfortable, forgiving ride. And then there is the recoiling action of the material. When you impact the ground, the shoes rebound as if you were jumping on a trampoline. The combined effect is a very positive one. So those are the positives. The shoe is not perfect, of course. I do not have wide feet, and still the tongue of the shoe let my socks show because it is not wide enough. The sides of the tongue have a zigzagging shape. Because of this, parts of my socks showed through. It is not a lot, but still. One way for this not to be an issue is to wear socks of the same color as the shoes. In my case, the shoes are black, so with black socks this is not a problem. Another thing I would change is the color of the midsole. I have never been a fan of white midsoles, because while they might look good when they are new, I find it works against them after you wear them a few times. I understand why these shoes have a white midsole, though. I am pretty sure it is so that we can see the new material. I just hope they make these with darker-colored soles in the future. So the question to me is, Are these worth the $150 Adidas is asking for? To me, the answer is yes. These are, by far, the best running shoes I have tried. Whether you spend this much on a pair of athletic shoes depends on whether you want to have the very best there is. If you are serious about your running or about how comfortable your sneakers need to be, then yes, these are totally worth it. You are basically paying a $20-30 premium to have the very best. Full disclosure: I was given these shoes by Adidas to try them and write a review. They specifically asked me to be sincere and not to artificially embellish the review. I do not work for Adidas, and actually was quite surprised that they chose me to review these. February 24, 2013
Incredible footwear I've never been a heavy runner, but was running in an old pair of very rigid climacool runners for a while. The plastic arch made for one of the worst pairs of shoes i've ever owned. Going from that to these was night and day. Adidas has literally hit the ball out of the proverbial park with these. The techfit upper is incredible, even if the tow box does offer a bit too much wiggle. The Boost midsole is incredible. While I haven't found myself bouncing in the air, I have felt something extra when I push off in a sprint. The only problem I've had are that the soles are impossible to keep clean. It may be the porosity of the material, but mine are already stained from both dirt and grass and refuse to come clean. But this doesn't really impact the performance. Additionally, I ordered my natural size, and they fit fine. The half size rule is definitely flexible due to the stretchy upper. I've already put 180+km on these, and imagine they'll get me many hundred more. Great shoes all around. I look forward to buying them again when these ones wear out. July 17, 2013
best shoes i ran in the new addidas boosts are amazing running shoe i have ever ran in they are comfable April 26, 2013
My poor sacro illiac..... Adidas BOOST are for RUNNING NOT NOT WALKING!!!!!! May 17, 2013
IT FEELS LIKE CHEATING! Adidas BOOSTtm first fit review. I’m taking them to the ultimate test. Will it perform like Adidas says? They keep saying that it is a technological revolution for trainer’s shoes. Well let’s have a closer look to that. Were neoprene rubbers have rule the running shoes sole material for last 35 years, this material combined plastic and energy absorption mechanical properties at a fair price. But had (see, I’m already taking about neoprene to past tense!) two side effects: First neoprene works well between 8 and 28 Celsius. Bellow that, neoprene become harder and energy absorption goes down, above that, plasticity of neoprene goes down and the material does not take back its form as fast as needed resulting of a lower energy return. Second, neopre is foam, its plastic and fatigue mechanical properties are limited to the form and variation of densities when molded. Then for 35 years fabricants innovations were about having the best sole shape with the perfect density variation! Now what the heck about BOOST ? The sole looks like Styrofoam, but it is not. In the early 70’s Volvo patented a polymer molded cells that had energy returned capabilities to take energy from an impact, on one side, and return it to the car structure, on the other side. Instead of simple compression, decompression behavior. This polymer molded cells is still in use for head rest and other passenger surrounding cushions in cars cabins. Well it seems like Adidas develop its own polymer molded cells. It has better energy absorption and energy return capabilities then neoprene, that’s for sure! And the test? It feel like: Very smooth, even to smooth cushioning! I first believed that It was to smooth then realized that at each step that my foot gently felt down the road, the compress sole returned a hole lot of energy! Wow! New feeling. Nothing comparable like any other running shoes I tried so far. Resulting: longer footsteps with lower energy requirement and less fatigue! It felt like I was cheating somehow! First 50 km, I does what Adidas says, I’ll let you if it’s still does know in another hundred. Maybe not for aggressive heel runners and for people that suffer of April 29, 2013
These Shoes Are Unfair I feel like I'm cheating the system and being allowed to wear a product that gives me an unfair advantage. The first time I put them on I thought I was jumping on tiny trampolines that followed my feet around. The cushioning is unlike any other shoe I've ever worn and that's including shoes that I've put cushioned insoles in. I just hope they stay this bouncy for as long as they claim to. The price, initially seems like way too much for what you think is just another running shoe, but I'll tell you it is more than justified. Worth every penny. A million thumbs up. An outstanding product. Thanks, Adidas. Well done! March 6, 2013
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