Dress to impress

When I was young my dad used to buy shoes once a year. I still remember the smell of the stitched leather. There's an indescribable passion put in hand-made craftsmanship. When custom is an option, I always choose it.

adizero Adios 3, Created by Marco
Personal style should never be ignored, not even when you're running. Most running shoes show bright color combinations, so I customised my pair in stylish black with scarlet Continental™ treds. Matching my inner fashionista.
I always bring my adizeros when I travel. They're light on my feet and fit perfectly in my suitcase.
My new adizeros have all the great features my old pair used to have, like boost™ soles and a mesh support. But now they feel personal to me - like the first time I put them on my feet.
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