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Brown • Shoes

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Pure Boost Chill Shoes Women's Running
$ 120
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adizero Afterburner 2.0 Cleats Men's Baseball
$ 100
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Los Angeles Shoes Men's Originals
$ 100
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Copa Vulc Shoes Men's Originals
$ 65
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$ 90
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Blue Boost Shoes Originals
$ 150
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Superstar 80s Clean Shoes Originals
$ 120
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adizero Afterburner Cleats Men's Baseball
$ 79.99 $ 110
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D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Men's Basketball
$ 103.99 $ 130
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D Rose Lakeshore Shoes Men's Basketball
$ 47.99 $ 80
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Stan Smith Vulc Shoes Men's Originals
$ 55.99 $ 70
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Brushwood Shoes Men's Outdoor
$ 75.99 $ 95
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Litha Flip-Flops Men's Training
$ 14.99 $ 25
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14 reviews
Stan Smith Vulc Shoes Ultimate casual shoe
March 23 2015

Got these shoes last week and I absolutely love them. They are super light, and yet they have just the right amount of support. Materials seem durable and easy to clean. I got them in dust blue and the color is on point, almost grey with a hint of blue. Simplistic overall yet very stylish, I've gotten tons of compliments on them already. Definitely considering buying another pair in a different color, and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some all purpose casual kicks. ... read more

breshi, New York, US go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Shoes Gift
January 07 2015

I bought that shoes for my husband and the lace so small he keeps doing the lace over and over so yes it was not a good lace for that type of shoes. I was disappoint because when you think Adidas you think good quality. I'm hoping the shoes will last under the rain I read bad com about the shoes and weather too! ... read more

Rafa26, Birmingham, UK go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes boost shoes are soooooo soft
March 17 2015

I tried on boosts at a store and i was hooked! Saw a nice deal on the lakeshores at and bought them right away. These are sooooooo soft Recommend going up half a size. I wear size 9.5 Rose 4 basketball shoes but I needed to buy a 10 on these. ... read more

DDL go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Winter boots or winter Boost
February 20 2015

These are by far the best casual winter boots I've ever worn. Premium materials like the all leather uppers gives these boost a true to size, custom fit, right out of the box. The boost is so comfortable I had trouble going back to my regular shoes for work. 8 hours on your feet everyday is a very good test for shoes. So I bought a couple more. D Rose best shoe is a casual full boost boot named the Lakeshore Boost. No one even knows about them,but I get complements on them all the time. You won't regret putting these on your feet. ... read more

tHE-ARTilectual, Boston, USA go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Shoes Good shoes
January 12 2015

It's a good shoe looks amazing the balance of colours etc. I would score it a 9 out of 10 for looks but its not as comfortable as I would have hoped. I would give it a 5 out of 10 for comfort. so out of 20 it would score about 14 or 15 if I was feeling generous. Had they made more comfortable it would be worth every penny. ... read more

waxy55, Cardiff, UK go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Shoes decent...but gald it was on sale
September 11 2014

The grey back of the shoe got a scuff almost immediately. Where the white material on side of the shoe meets the rubber sole there is a noticeable line that looks kinda chipped and a bit crummy. Also the laces were way too thin..I ended up replacing them with thicker shorter laces ... read more

King Yueng, Lakewood, OH, USA go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Very very comfortable
April 08 2015

Boost technology has got to be the most comortable sole I have ever experienced hands down. The shoe itself is very stylish but the leather is not very appealing . I would maybe prefer a smooth leather. I returned the shoe because the leather did not hold up well. The shoe started to look worn in less than a week. I love the style but not the material. The boost is phenomenal though. ... read more

Shn go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes My Boost Experience
June 18 2015

They are holding up well. I like the hard waterproof material. Easy to maintain. Caused lower leg pain, but took pressure off of knees. Painful to wear after three hours, but good for light use probably shopping, visiting people, or touring. Wouldn't buy a replacement. Wouldn't recommend because they are not easy to clean, after they get dirty. They are hard to get dirty, but they wear out too fast with the lightest of use. They felt best when I bought them almost thirty days ago. Now they feel like the boost is working against me. Wouldn't think of playing basketball in them. I can hardly run in them. Jumping is incredibly difficult but landing feels better than most shoes. I foresee improvement, and I just purchased glow in the dark D Rose Boost 5, so adidas has a passionate customer. I just hope the kinks are worked out of all the boost shoes. ... read more

ChampsChamp, Chicago, IL go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes D-Rose Lakeshore Boost
August 03 2015

I bought them, they were a little too small and narrow for an 11, springblades 11 are long and I have plenty of toe space, but these were small so instead of returning I just gave then away, I'll probably buy some a half size bigger if I do. ... read more

G-Rock, Salsbery Steak go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Shoes Great for display, not for wear
July 07 2015

for $32 these were an amazing display of design in the grey and red, but with t-shirt cotton outers and larger than norm fit (half size large is accurate) these would be too easily destroyed in anything more than a slightly wet sidewalk. Love 'em, but they gotta go back. ... read more

jayjayjayjay, ca go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Thee MOST Comfortable Shoes I Own!
April 29 2015

Read the reviews on this shoe and talked to the online assistant, and totally glad I did. These shoes run 1/2 size small like many other reviewers stated so instead of 11's I got 11 1/2 and they fit perfectly. Toe is fine, width is fine. No real break in needed, I seriously cant wait to wear them again. It almost feels weir, they are so comfortable!!! ... read more

Sargeant K, Indiana, USA go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Most stylish D Rose shoes ever
March 31 2015

Solid white bottom with a full black leather upper makes these shoes super stylish with jeans and any shirt. The comfort is like walking on pillows or clouds and the build and materials are all top notch... Best purchase I've ever made!!!! Fly kicks for those that know how to rock'em! ... read more

Jbravo11, Santa Barbara, CA go to product
D Rose Lakeshore Boost Shoes Great Purchase
March 29 2015

Great comfortable shoe. Just a little narrow for my feet. Boost technology is what makes it this shoe stick out. If you have wide feet you might want to go a half a size up but after breaking it in and using slimmer socks it felt good. Overall its a great a shoe and it looks cool. ... read more

Drosefan619 go to product
Litha Flip-Flops Excellent product
March 14 2015

My second pair of these. I tripped and broke my others due to my clumsiness and nothing to do with the product. I had no hesitation looking to buy them again. As male flip flops go, they are smart and comfortable. I would recommend these without hesitation ... read more

Neil1968, London, UK go to product
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