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Brown • Shoes

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Reviews for: Brown Shoes

21 reviews
Pure Boost Chill Shoes Really confortable traineers
January 30 2016

My son had this traineers but in black. It was like running on air. Had to get one for me. Not water proof, but otherwise perfect for run or the gym. Prefered the black, but the white and green was on sale and within my price range. ... read more

sella555, brighton, UK go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Adidas does it again!
January 24 2016

I customized my Drose 6 and i have to say, the construction and build quality is outstanding. My only complaint is, when i customized this shoe i noticed the cat tongue ankle liner isnt there, also the tongue seems to be a lot thinner than the regular colorways. But this is only because i customized mine. Also, i purchased the ankle braces that drose wears with this shoe, and they fit perfectly with my ankle, and the shoe itself. the traction is almost too good :) , but i dont recommend theses outdoor due to the soft and shallow grooves. They fit me perfectly, and the ankle brace takes up a bit of the dead space in the toe box. And you cant forget how amazing boost is. Its light weight, responsive, and has super impact protection. And the support is awesome due to the amazing fit and heel strap system, which really does work well. This shoe can be worn by any player on the court, even big men. And dont be afraid wide footers because this shoe's got you covered. And for only $140??? Thats crazy! Adidas amazes me once again, 5 stars to the D'rose 6 ... read more

Bryan_10, Philadelphia, USA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Perfect Pick!
December 31 2015

I got these for my husband. He has 4 other pair of d.rose shoes & he never has anything bad to say about them. He especially likes the design of these shoes & the comfort. He stated these are the best so far & plans to purchase these in red. He likes that he has the option of not tying his shoes because of the special side loops. I will definitely purchase this shoe for my son too. ... read more

AdidasGIRL4Life, Dallas, TX go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Get Non-Mi Version ONLY
December 29 2015

I have 2 pairs of the D Rose 6 - the original and the Mi (customized) and here a quick review of both versions: Non-Mi Version: This is the standard version that you buy without customization. This is the version you want. It has all the standard features the shoes is supposed have to without anything being stripped. With that said, traction, cushion, support is hands down the best for 2015. Boost blows away anything Nike has and I'm coming from the Kobe 9 and Lebron 11 Elite. Mi Version: Highly disappointed. I'm not sure how Adidas can even get away with this. With NikeID, you get all the standard features of the original shoes but you get it customized. Period. That's it. But with Adidas, you get the sneakers customized and they strip away some major features. The features that seem to have disappeared from the Mi version are: (1) "Cat Tongue" around the ankle area. This is the fabric that locks your ankles in. It feels like what it's called and it's amazing. Mi version doesn't have it. (2) Ankle cushioning. Gone. (3) Tongue cushioning. Gone. When I discovered those features missing, I was livid. I assume that folks that buy the Mi version wear them casually? If so, that's fine but if you plan on playing in the shoes, then do NOT buy the Mi version. Adidas: If you're reading this, please do not pull this again. I love your brand and I root for your brand but this experience has put a sour note and I intend on telling everyone I know about this experience - not because I'm angry, but because I just disappointed and it's just not right to do something like this. ... read more

chiJRT, Philadelphia, PA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes One of the Best Signature Shoes on the Market
December 21 2015

I am a 25 year veteran of the athletic footwear business and have played basketball on every level and have owned all of the current best shoes on the market for Lebron's, Jordan's, Kobe's etc. I was very reluctant to buy and try these shoes and bought them for my 13 year old who is an elite AAU player. I can testify the the Adidas D-Rose 6 with Boost technology is one of the best basketball shoes I've ever played in. The fit was amazing, the lacing system locked the ankles in place, the outsole had outstanding traction and the cushioning Boost technology is the best I've testing in 25 years. If you are an elite player and want the best built basketball shoe on the market for the price, I highly recommend the Adidas D-Rose 6! ... read more

MSU32, Los Angeles CA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes BUCKETS
December 19 2015

This shoe is designed to get you buckets: from the secure ankle collar to the boost midsole. It's an upgrade over the D Rose 5 due to the unlocked boost so you feel more cushioning. Thanks to this shoe I get my daily recommended dose of BUCKETS! ... read more

Jokami7, California go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes DRONE MVP
December 18 2015

Most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever wore. My play style is driving for layups and the acasional three, but take some quick cross amd shot and the ankle support built on the shoes really helps. Look and feel amazing on my feet, I get tones of compliments with. The only thing i would do differently is instead of buying the white pair i would buy the all black pair or black and red, because white got dirty fast ovi people stepped on them a lot while I'm playing. Also never really have to wipe the bottoms a lot good grip. ... read more

Bulls1 go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes D Rose 6 is the Truth!!
December 15 2015

The Adidas D Rose 6 immediately goes into my top 5 men's basketball shoes of All time! The fit, style, boost technology all make this an outstanding basketball shoe! I particularly like the red with black trim. The sock liner, lacing, sole grip make the shoe agile for quick players and for larger players who require more support . Just a great shoe! Kudos to the Adidas design team on this one. Can't wait to see the D Rose 7!! ... read more

Kappa KJ, Camden, NJ go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Awesome
December 04 2015

Very amazing. Cushion was the best and traction was very solid. The ankle straps really worked and lock down was just great. I have a wide foot and ankle and my foot fits great in the mesh. Worth all the money ... read more

Sexy beast, United states go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes D ROSE 6
December 03 2015

They may be one of the best shoes I've ever used in any sense. However, there is a problem with the ankle protection, it is uncomfortable sometimes when I turn and the ankle is in the open air kind of unprotected. For the rest, great design, really comfortable and with a pretty good adhesiveness to the court. ... read more

TRANCHETE go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Premium Shoe!!!!
November 26 2015

This shoe is the definition of a premium offering by Adidas. The outsole is perfect for indoor use. The boost cushioning provides great impact protection in the forefoot and heel. The textile upper on the home colorway is awesome. The strap system keeps you locked in and secure. Go a half size down for a better fit. Ventilation is decent. ... read more

YoungEazy, Toronto go to product
Energy Boost 2.0 ATR Shoes Natural feel
November 19 2015

These are my favorite running shoes that I have ever owned. I often forget to take them off when I get home because they feel just like my feet. I'll admit that I was hesitant when I first bought them because I am used to a much more structured and supportive shoe, but these have not let me down. They are the perfect balance between fluidity and structure. The bounce that they have in their soles makes running a lot easier. I highly recommend these to any runner. ... read more

alexandra21, Washington, D.C. go to product
J Wall 2.0 Boost Shoes Not good enough for this price
November 16 2015

I have to say the craft of my pair of shoes is not good. It's obvious that there are some differences between my right one and left one which focus on the forefoot part. If I have to pay in this price I prefer the teamshoes like Crazyquick 3. ... read more

Kin3 go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Wow!
November 13 2015

First Adidas basketball shoe I've purchased in over a decade, I'm a Nike guy. These shoes are more comfortable than any Nike or Jordan basketball shoe I have purchased in years. Traction, comfort and ankle support is amazing. Can't go wrong. ... read more

Air232, Boston, MA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Omg thank you Adi
November 10 2015

Where do I start!? Fantastic this Rose is a huge improvement to its previous model. I had the Rose 5 and quickly dismissed them a wearable basketball shoe for me. The boost in this shoe is unbelievable I wish I could sleep on boost. The shoe hits every single point as a premier basketball shoe. I can't find a negative thing to say. The crazy light boost were in my bag all summer. The 6 has undoubtedly replace them in my Adi bag ... read more

D.ward, Brooklyn go to product
Pure Boost Chill Shoes Too soft cushion
November 09 2015

Nice looking shoes. I might have a wrong impression on the shoe as it said 'running'. To me the rear cushion is too soft, like you walk on a sponge, and front cushion is too thin. If you are looking for a pair of 'running shoes', they might not be the right ones, but they do feel very comfy and styly when walking ... read more

Denise10 go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Almost perfect
November 08 2015

Everything about the shoe is excellent except the lockdown. The ankle support is really sloppy. The strap is useless! They eliminated the last 3 laces and implemented 1 lace that works with the strap. Horrible ideal! Just keep it simple! Nike isn't doing well in the lacing department( lebrons) Please don't follow in there foot steps. Overall good performer but could be better due to lockdown. Still tops lebrons for most bang for your buck! ... read more

Dsh5101, Pennsylvania, USA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Top 3 performer of 2015
October 31 2015

Boost is amazing! Heel cushion is best out, forefoot is the perfect balance between court feel and responsive cushion. Normally I wear a 12, but went down 1/2 size for a glove like fit. Traction is great, no slippage. Prefer home colorway upper over away upper, this is how boost should feel on a basketball court, only thing missing is a primeknit upper, great job adidas! ... read more

MaadKicks go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes These Are Awesome!
October 19 2015

I played in the Drose 5 and I remember being a little disappointed and not feeling the boost as I did in the Pure boost or the CrazyBoost running shoes and the shoe was really firm I guess for the support and it served well but it was a little to firm for me. These shoes are perfect balance in everything I want! You can totally feel the Boost in the forefoot a lot more and the heel which is so enjoyable especially on those hard landings. The shoe is very secure without being to firm like the Drose 5 and the Gray model is very breathable and the inner lining is so soft to like it feels like a pillow is surrounding your ankle but still giving you that support. Overall Great shoe! Going to get another pair! ... read more

Lanceflo54, Orange County, California go to product
Pure Boost Chill Shoes Boost is Awesome!
October 12 2015

I've heard a lot of hype about boost and finally decided on to try these shoes. I was just looking for something comfortable and casual and these shoes looked pretty nice. Pure boost totally lives up to the hype. They are so comfortable and unbelievably light weight. You feel like you have a spring in your step and I like to stand and shift my weight just to feel that spongy cushion. I usually wear a 7.5 or 8 and the 7.5 fit perfectly, which worked out luckily since they were sold out of 8! The only complaint I have is that the color is not exactly as pictured. I ordered the all black with what looks like gum colored soles(which i love and think looks super clean)but in person the bottom looks like a neon orange! I seriously considered returning at first because it was so deceptive, but once I put them on, I fell in love. ... read more

Aimee06, Hawaii go to product
October 20 2014

I have have five failed knee surgeries and the original energy boost were the ONLY shoes that I could wear with minimal pain. When they changed them I bought every pair online from ebay, you name it. I have been in agony since nothing came close...BUT this ATR is exactly like the original except better in terms of gripping my heel. It runs extremely narrow. Since this is the only shoe I wear 24/7 (including wedding and funerals), I will be buying many more pairs!!!!!! So happy to have pain reduced. Big shout out to Big Peach Running Company! ... read more

1lablvr, Atlanta, GA go to product
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