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Brown • Originals • Shoes

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Reviews for: Brown Originals Shoes

75 reviews
Stan Smith Winter Shoes decent looking, wish quality was higher
November 17 2015

I got the brown ones and they look pretty good. However, the leather layer is thin, the insulation is thin and they don't have a soft lining on the inside. You have to be gentle with these. I sprayed them down with a good leather protector right away. Also, I don't think these will be warm enough below about -10 celsius. Oh, and the tongue is stiff ... it was rubbing my shin making it sore so I had to lace them up special to bend the top of the tongue outward. ... read more

fliTO go to product
Stan Smith Winter Shoes Decent but not perfect.
November 16 2015

These are really good looking shoes, they keep my feet really warm and dry. The style is just amazing and are really good pair of winter boots. However, I am really disappointed that some of my stitches have come loose and that has really upset me because I have only wore them for 3 days. ... read more

01Danny01, Birmingham, UK. go to product
Tubular X Shoes Yasss!
November 01 2015

I bought the red Adidas Tubular X yesterday at Foot Locker and there so beautiful! Here is a list of personal pros and cons about these sneakers. PROS -They are Adidas, whats not to love about them! Adidas are just amazing. -They are high-tops, my favorite kind of sneakers. Very comfortable, smooth leather on the inside, due to the way the sneaker is made its easy to take off but wont fall of when you have them on. -These sneakers will not crease! Nothing I hate more than wearing shoes and they get an unattractive crease. You wont have to worry about that with these. - They are called sneakers but I consider them boots. When you put these on, you will feel as if your kicks are 5x stronger. There is a powerful presence about these shoes. - You will get good looks from other people, they are eye catchers. CONS -Not really a con, but it is a bit awkward on where to laces after you tie them.I tie my laces then I tuck them but these are different. You can put them behind the "X". ... read more

AgRize Indigo, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania go to product
Copa Vulc Shoes Copa Vulc Shoes
October 30 2015

Excellent looking shoe. Great delivery service. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size but customer service were brilliant and refunded my money. I have since purchased the right size plus another different pair and, again delivery was spot on. Cheers, Dave ... read more

DaveNZ, Coventry, UK go to product
Gazelle 70s Shoes Women's Gazelle 70s
October 18 2015

I've been wearing these since I was a teenager. It was really difficult to get Gazelles for women in the UK. I had to buy them from the States for many years, so really happy to see them on the online store here. ... read more

deepintoart, London go to product
Tubular X Shoes Amazing shoe
October 17 2015

I bought these shoes about a month ago. They are extremely comfortable. I wear them all the time, and they have held up much better than any other non-adidas shoe I have ever worn. They are very good quality, as quality is synonymous with adidas. ... read more

Kyle L., Illinois, USA go to product
Copa Vulc Shoes Copa Vulc Shoes
October 10 2015

Ordered to use in the gym for lifting. I ordered one size smaller than I normally take and the fit is tight but not uncomfortable. As expected, there is not much 'give' in these shoes, which is perfect for my purposes. All up, a light minimalist shoe. Not much more to say. ... read more

KLJPC, Australia go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Best Shoes I've Ever Bought!
October 06 2015

Bought these and was blown away by the quality and fit of these shoes. They are fantastic for skating or casual wear and I would definitely recommend them to skaters and fashionable people everywhere. ... read more

UKSKATER, Guildford, UK go to product
Gazelle 70s Shoes Like the tweed, love the soles
October 05 2015

Very nice but different look for the Gazelle OG, big fan of the old zig-zag sole as well, much better than the honeycomb effect that most pairs have these days. Fittinf wise they're a slightly snugger fit than your normal pair across the sides/top due to the thicker material, but still true to your normal sizing. Very snug on the foot, ideal for the match as they'll definitely keep your feet warm as well. Good quality build and finish all round. ... read more

adored, Newcastle upon Tyne go to product
Gazelle 70s Shoes Quality
September 19 2015

The streamlined, innovative Gazelle quickly became top athletes' go-to all-around training shoe after it launched in 1966. This modern men's version is updated in tweed with a breathable lining. The shoes feature leather 3-Stripes and overlays and the original herringbone outsole. ... read more

alexguy87 go to product
Tubular X Shoes Comfort and style
August 30 2015

These are a great option if you like the tubular shoe line but prefer something with ankle support. If you've purchased tubulars before you know they aren't the easiest to drive in but these tubulars don't get stuck on pedals at all. ... read more

CourtDon, California go to product
Tubular X Shoes adidas really shines with new Tubular X
August 25 2015

Copped these in the SoHo store, didnt think they were out yet. Normally wear size 11s but i had to go a half size down to 10.5 as the ankle was a bit too loose for my tastes. Comfy shoe, huge step from the standard Tubulars which i also loved. ... read more

mvximillivn, Upstate NY go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes the old reliable
August 22 2015

This is my second busenitz. It wears off rather quickly, but i put it under heavy usage on a daily basis. besides that it's doing okay. i love the style, and it's really comfy. my feet are wider than usual so it's a bit tight, but a few weeks, and it's okay. you can never go wrong with this shoe. ... read more

Vilee475, budapest originally, but now a londoner go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Busenitz Vulc.. Very Comfortable
August 11 2015

I ordered 6 pairs of Adidas originals in size 11 as the sizing varies between different models and I struggle getting trainers/shoes that are comfortable but I am very happy with these. I prefer the look of these as the tongue on the Adidas Busenitz Vulc is not as big as on the Adidas Busenitz ... read more

RedandWhiteStripes, Southampton go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Do not last
July 23 2015

Great fitting and looking skate shoe but toes do not last for hard skateboarder. My son goes thru these shoes in about 3-4 weeks - we have tried 3 pair and same each time. Flip kick lead foot just kills the toe on right foot. ... read more

RJ Skate, OC, CA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Great looking show
March 28 2015

I don't skateboard. I just use them for casual wear. I get compliments all the time. Make sure to get a 1/2 bigger they are not true to size. I made the mistake of getting my true size and my feet paid dearly for it. ... read more

SlimDude12, NYC go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes favorite skate shoe
October 16 2014

this shoe is quite possibly one of my favorite shoes I've ever skated. just over all a great shoe. only downfall is that it just doesn't last as long as i would like it too. Honestly though what they lack in durability they make up for in performance. great shoe. really siked on it. ... read more

Scucci, pittsburgh go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Adidas Busenitz Vulc Shoes
April 20 2014

These are at least in my top 5 list. They don't get dirty easy and they are really lightweight . They have a really good feel. They fit really good and are super comfortable.They also have good grip. An overall great shoe. ... read more

that_cat_in_a_banana, South Carolina, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Busenitz Vulc Shoes
March 03 2014

Initially, I grabbed these shoes up because I liked the style, and loved the price... I had an Adidas deficit going on at the time. These totally filled the void. I love the way Adidas shoes fit my feet, and I love the simplicity of many Adidas designs. These kicks totally hit the mark, again! ... read more

m3_bully, Cincinnati, OH, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes So good I ordered a Second
November 15 2013

There was a time in my life where the only shoes I ever wore were Adidas. Campus, Gazelle, you name it. I haven't worn a pair of Adidas for years until a couple weeks ago. I bought a pair of classics from champs... I don't know what. They were neither the color nor the style I wanted. I needed them for work. The champ's shoes were terrible. They were of poor construction and left my feet hurting waiting on tables. So after a week of wearing these terrible shoes I decided I needed to try some different Adidas; there was no way the entire company had gone to the dogs. I typed in a search engine "most comfortable adidas ever" and lo and behold a bunch of skaters, bikers, and b-boys were raving about this shoe: The Buszenitz Vulc. I ordered them on the spot. When they arrived I tried them on immediately and was so impressed I ordered a second pair. I then dealt with customer service over some pricing changes; they couldn't have been more cool and prompt. I had to admit I was worried for a split second, but that was my fault for going to Champs Sporting goods and not directly to Adidas. The low profile of the Buszenitz makes it perfect for casual attire, and the functionality of the shoe makes it perfect for walks, dancing, waiting tables (which is what I do), skating (I also skate), and I assume most other activities. If Adidas were to add a non slip sole I think no one else on earth would need another pair of shoes ever again. ... read more

BBone, Atlanta, GA, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes comfortable fit
October 19 2013

Comfortable shoe that sticks to your foot. Not to loose and not to flexible. Great for skating let along just all around casual shoes to walk in. Been skating for a while and i love them. Can't wait to get a new pair just for walking in. ... read more

Skate_Lyfe_Trent, Villa Park, IL, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes best Adidas I've owned
October 04 2013

I've had many pairs of Adidas, mostly classics and some basketball shoes a while back but these are by far, hands down the most comfortable pair of shoes I've bought from adidas. I haven't skated in them, used mostly for Mt biking, but I'm liking the support and how they hold up. ... read more

svizcarra, Mountain View, CA, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Cool Style and Comfy
October 01 2013

I bboy in these shoes, and I think they work well for this purpose. They have good grip, but enough slide for certain moves. They have a lot of cushion too, which is nice. The shoes look good too, and even though they have so much padding they keep a pretty low profile and don't puff out too much. I haven't owned them for so long, but so far they are holding together well, and the foxing hasn't come off either. ... read more

Jeff Y., California, USA go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Comfy
May 13 2013

i am a size 9 and they fit perfect but run a little thin with width at the mid front but dont hurt your toes and they are the comfyest skate shoes ive had so i would try a 9.5 first next time with these the rubber underneath doesnt come loose from the side after a few times sliding your foot along the floor and wears down slowly. ... read more

lightcodes, Huddersfield go to product
Busenitz Vulc Shoes Most Likely the Best Shoe I Have Skated
March 15 2013

This shoe lasts through tough skating and it is immediately broken in unlike most vulcanized shoes. The board feel is a 10/10, it literally feels as if you are barefoot on your board, but it's nice and thick so you don't get heel bruise. All around great shoe and amazing for skating! You should buy it! (P.S. They look so tight too!) ... read more

Matt Matic, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA go to product
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