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Black • Soccer • Shoes

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Reviews for: Black Soccer Shoes

969 reviews
X15.3 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Poor Quality. Cleats split after three uses
May 18 2016

Having purchased many Adidas cleats previously, purchasing another pair of cleats was a no-brainer. Not the case. After three uses, about two hours each time, the cleats split or separated from the sole. Not the quality I expected. ... read more

YeeShopping, Washington DC go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats by far the best boots ive had
May 15 2016

The boot looks nice they feel nice super light weight, the boot is true to size. Been using them for three days straight in tranning and in full 90min matches, the material is great pretty flexible. Overall great boot to have and would highly recommend this for any level of play. ... read more

Gerard jr, Denver, Co go to product
Copa Mundial Leather FG Cleats Great soccer cleat
May 15 2016

Solid shoe. Had my first game in them the other day and they were very comfortable and left no blisters anywhere. Normally wear US mens size 9 but I like a tighter cleat so ordered this cleat in a size 7.5 & 8. The 7.5 were too tight and toes were crammed. The 8's fit snug but left half an inch of room at the toes so not a perfect fit for me but overall very good cleat and I'll continue to wear. Studs provided solid grip on outdoor grass pitch, and ball control was good. ... read more

Jarvis727, London Ontario go to product
Copa Mundial Leather FG Cleats Great boot.
May 14 2016

This is a one of Adidas' finest creations. However, the break-in period is longer than other boots I've worn. The boot may look expensive but it's absolutely worth it. Still the best boot available in my opinion. ... read more

Fayzer, Ireland go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats Superb Boots
May 14 2016

The Adidas ace 16.1 primeknit are so comfy with the good old sprint-frame attachment. I love these boots because they have awesome colours and i like the miniature sock attachment on it. And the awesome knitted tightness on them around your foot in the middle also keeps your foot in a steady position. Even my 3 year old brother says they are better then my other brothers Nike Superfly ... read more

Isaak12, Cairns Qld go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats If you want one get it wont be disappointed
May 13 2016

Like everyone else I was pretty hyped about these boots coming out.I wanted these so freaking bad.none of the storesin Sydney had them, so ordered online and they were delivered the very next day impressed . Bringing the attention to these boots they definetly have that wow factor straight out of the box the feel smell of new boots. Well tried them on they are really comfy and snug.not too bad for a wide footed player. Well my friends game on. ... read more

Coolkaz09, Sydney Australia go to product
ACE 16.3 Indoor Shoes Good overall product
May 12 2016

I think that these indoors are very good, I usually play in natural grass but I have used these indoors quite a few times now. First of all the traction on these is very good for all flat surfaces, but if you are playing in a somewhat dusty indoor court you have to whipe the outsole to get the best traction possible. The upper is pretty decsent, but I am a bit worried about the stripes on the instep because the material that the stripes are made of is very soft and has no re-enforcement, so whenever you pull the laces tight in those particular lace holes the material streches quite a bit, but this is not a problem with the rest of the lace holes, it is only with the stripes in the midstep. and the shoe runs a half size small, I usually wear a 9 but I had to get a 9.5 in order to get a less tight fit in the toe box area, but in regards to the with it should fit most people, but if you have a very wide foot, I would not recomend this shoe to you. In terms of comfort, this shoe is very good, the synthetic molds to your foot after a few minutes of using them, while they are also very responsive because of the plastic re-enforcements on the stripes on the outstep, and also heel slipage should not be a problem if you go with the right size. I would recomend this prodict to anyone looking for a good value, and also good quality soccer shoe. ... read more

Gustavo25 go to product
Mundial Team Leather TF Cleats very dissapointed with the smooth inside heel material far too slippy.
May 07 2016

I bought these to play astro football, but I have ended up with big blisters due to the super smooth heal which lets my foot slide up and down, the high back also digs into my achillies which has caused led to me being injured and missing football. ... read more

Shayyne go to product
Copa Mundial Leather FG Cleats Not Good for Proners!
May 07 2016

The shoe has a high quality K-Leather, and it is very confortable. In my case, the problem is that I am a proner, and the stability of those cleats could be improved. I keep spraining my ankle (probably because of the position of the spikes on the sole, as my other cleats from other brand are perfectly stable). The field where I play is not perfectly straight, and, sometimes, my ankle pays the price for it. As I said before, the position of the spikes could be changed since that would provide a better stability. ... read more

jmoraes, Chicago, IL go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Boots
May 03 2016

Overall these Boots were great, only issues I had was with the sock and the width of the boot. I would consider my foot to be slight wider than average. I can still fit my foot into the boot and after a few sessions with the boot it improved. When I first put on the boot and decided to go for a jog in them to get used to them before training I found that it felt as if my foot was about to slide out of the sock from time to time. I am unsure as to if my foot was actually doing this or if it was just the sensation I had since it was the first time I was using a boot with a sock. Overall I would not recommend this to people who have very wide feet as they may have some issues. ... read more

NikkyDSwagStar123ABC, Gympie, Queensland, Australia go to product
Mundial Team Leather TF Cleats Best Shoe for Hard Grass and Turf
April 30 2016

This is my go to shoe for everything. I can play a game on really firm/hard grass and turf. They're really comfortable, they mould to your feet over time. The only warning is that the can get blisters playing on hard ground, if you haven't broken them in... Just wear them around the house and break them in gently... I use these as a casual dress shoe just like the Samba... ... read more

Blakeley, Niagara Falls, Canada go to product
Mundial Team Leather TF Cleats Just the Job
April 29 2016

Great Classic Style & been told they are extremely comfortable! This was a gift from the squad to thank the Gaffer, so having them personalised with his name on one boot and Gaffer on the other was a great personal touch! ... read more

pinknails go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats A modern boot to enhance your game and make you look fantastic in the process
April 26 2016

Having bought and worn many pairs of football boots over the years I have always been interested in the innovation of these products and how decisions are made in terms of ending certain lines and replacing these with new lines. I have had adidas boots since having Adidas Valencia in the 1980's and have done the whole journey from World Cups through Etrusco Unico, Predators, F50's, X Boots and now the Ace. I am still getting used to these but from the first time that you put them on you feel that a lot of the recent incarnations were preludes to this moment. Light, snug but robust. designed to feel part of your foot but also to offer protecton, the design is fantastic and reminds me of the Predators worn by Zidane and Backham circa 1998 but with a modern flourish. The round studs are a welcome return as ACL injuries are more common place in women's football and this should alleviate some of the problems caused by blades and traction studs. They look fantastic on the Telly and gorgeous on your feet. you will get noticed but most importantly they offer security and feel and as said earlier seem to be the perfect hybrid of a light, technical boot that will more than meet most players needs. I have had so many pairs of football boots I have lost count but these would definitely be in my top 3 even at this stage and who knows they could be the boot we have all been waiting for. Well done Adidas ... read more

BroxiBear go to product
X 15.1 Street Shoes Is there a difference between Bold/Solar Orange and Solar Red anyways?!
April 26 2016

Just saw that these have no reviews, so I figured I'd give my input. I have these in the Bold/Solar Orange color way and i love the way they stand out (I tried on the black ones in store also; I just wanted the flashier ones in this case but both look great). First Impression: "Ugh, these laces," but I don't mind them now. The shoes altogether look great when playing or lounging in sweats/jeans. Most of my clothing is pretty understated, so it's nice to let these shoes shine. Fit: Like walking on a cloud due to the boost (even after stepping from Ultra Boosts into these). They fit snug around the middle of the foot and heel due to padding, so I could see some wanting to size up half a size or so. Otherwise, I enjoy the way they feel when running and the feel they give for the ball. Durability: I have only had these for a week or so but I think I'll get my money's worth. Overall, I'm more than pleased with my purchase! Thanks, Adidas! ... read more

Titus4Mayor, Cincinnati, OH go to product
Copa SL Firm Ground Cleats Timeless Classic
April 24 2016

The Copa SL is a timeless classic that has always lived up to its name. I've had the shoe for almost a year now and cannot find anything wrong with it. The quality is outstanding and the fit is brilliant for my feet. I will always stick with my copa sl. ... read more

Netherlands go to product
Messi15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Highly recommended if you have the money!
April 22 2016

So light and comfortable. I may not be the best player in the world but I have definitely noticed an improvement in my game. I can run more easily and my shooting has definitely improved plus they look awesome. ... read more

HenRee go to product
Mundial Team Leather TF Cleats indoor soccer shoe that transformed me from cleats..
April 19 2016

i like em.. comfortable and great traction and they have a little arch support which is pretty cool. i wear a ladies closed toe shoe usually 8.5 i got the mens 7.. it has a little room but works great. ... read more

Loufarre, VA, usa go to product
Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground Cleats Great boot
April 18 2016

For the price you can't go wrong. I've always brought adidas boots and these are up there with the best I've worn. Extremely comfortable and look the part. Love the tonge type predator look. Would get them again with out thinking twice. ... read more

Bubble84, London go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Purchase, Worth The Money
April 15 2016

I've been wanting to get my hands on a pair of cleats like these for such a long time, ever since I got my Preditor Instinct, I didn't think there would be a better pair that would be as comfortable and fit just as good as they did, but when I received these in the mail I instantly put them on, and they fit just like a glove. Amazing purchase, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. ... read more

Damiendani13, Lubbock, Tx go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Almost perfect
April 12 2016

I've owned a pair of X15.1's for a little over 6 months and have found them to be amazing. They are extremely durable and show very little wear on the upper. Sole plate separation is minimal and this is with playing four times a week on AG pitches. The only downside is the heel counter, the material doesn't have a full "lockdown" feel and it definitely allows your heel to slide up and down a bit. If it had a different material to prevent heel slippage then I would rate this boot 5/5. ... read more

Egg, Arizona go to product
ACE 16.1 Black Pack Firm Ground Cleats fandabeydozie
April 06 2016

Perfect boot. This boot is more comfortable than the magista. It feels like a slipper. The durability is great. It looks great on the pitch. It looks much better and smarter than the bright colours, the non-stop grip is amazing. I'm doing things I've never done before. ... read more

konor, uk go to product
Gloro 16.1 Firm Ground Cleats Great value, excellent touch.
April 05 2016

I picked up a pair of Gloros on a whim. Once I tried them on I knew I had to buy them. They had the comfort and familiarity of the 11pro but with a more substantial k-leather upper which was buttery soft. I was amazed at the quality of the k-leather on a shoe of this price. I have a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend 6 boots and I honestly prefer wearing the Gloros more. I find them more comfortable with an amazing touch on the ball. I am a size 10 but I did go down a size. Not because they felt loose at my normal size but I took into account the upper stretching a bit due to the k-leather. I was glad I did as the shoes fit and feel perfect. The Gloro is my favorite that I own and i own a lot of soccer boots. ... read more

Whittier where the girls are prettier go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats Great boots
April 05 2016

I bought these off a football shop locally and after purchasing them I felt they may not be good for me as I have wide feet, but I've only worn them once and so far they feel fantastic and I'm used to the Copa mundial but in my opinion these boots are just as comfortable ... read more

Oscarrrr, Brisbane,Australia go to product
ACE 16.1 Primeknit Firm Ground Cleats Great Boots!
April 04 2016

Firstly, the upper is second to none - Adidas have nailed touch and comfort. The "collar" doesn't feel limiting, and is really just an extension of the ankle, as the heel lining and cut are nicely padded and quite traditional: nothing as odd and unusual as a certain rival's mid-cut collars. A minor issues arises with the Adidas stripes, which are made from a stiff TPU material that does indeed aid with lockdown, but can cause some serious lateral/medial pressure for people like myself, with slightly wider feet. The price is a premium, even more so when you factor in the weak Canadian dollar, and how prices have soared because of it (250USD and 340CAD) - that does seem a bit excessive! ... read more

AB98, Vancouver go to product
Copa Mundial Leather FG Cleats Worried about the size
April 04 2016

I've read reviews saying to get this shoe a size smaller only after having already purchasing them a half size smaller. The shoes arrived and when I tried them on and tightened up the laces they fit like a glove, perfect fit! Waiting to play in them but the comfort of the leather already is worth the buy! ... read more

PonziBBM, Pensacola, Florida go to product
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