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Red • Basketball

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Reviews for: Red Basketball

86 reviews
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes I own several different ball shoes
April 25 2016

I just got these for me and my wife last week. She's never had a good basketball shoe before and said she felt like her feet were in heaven. I have worn Jordans, the Curry 1 and the Curry 2. This shoe was the cheapest of all of them and its the comfiest too. Great traction on the court, good padding... I got a bruised left heel in my Curry 2's and in these shoes it doesn't even bother me. I play 10 hours a week and rotate my shoes, these will be my go to shoes now. ... read more

Bammerito, utah go to product
April 20 2016

This is the best bball shoes I've ever bought! D rose 6 has the Best cushioning ever and it is still pretty responsive with adequate court feel! The Black & Red colorway is durable and really well padded so it feels comfortable, however the ventilation could be a little bit better! ... read more

Manikk23 go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Broke on me
April 18 2016

In my third time playing in the shoes, one of the shoes lace holders snapped. Its a shame i never got to enjoy them, because the loose strap kept flopping all around. Plus, the size of the shoe runs very big. ... read more

Jacobsen33, Paterson, NewJersey go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Great shoe for a great price
April 18 2016

I purchased the DLillard 2.0 Static colorway. These shoes are awesome, they are lightweight and have good responsiveness. On another note, please release the home colorway again! I know a lot of people want them and will buy them. These new colorways are not the greatest. ... read more

yeh321 go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Great quality, 2 potential problems
April 14 2016

The quality and the outlook of the shoes are excellent. Traction is great on indoor court. For the down sides, two things need to be mentioned, boost and fit. Boost is great soft, I can feel it clearly, but after 2 hours play, my knees and ankles are sour, which has been with me for recent two year. I think it went with the soft boost. The other thing is about the fit, to get good lock down feeling, there are two lace eyes in each shoe, but they quite hurt my feet and I have to wear thick socks or not using them. Hope the next version will be better. ... read more

CF1111, UK go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes amazing shoe
April 12 2016

these shoes are great i didn't break them in and i played a game right away had 0 pain and they have great traction . amazing comfort and look very nice on the court over all great shoe and for the price very well worth it . ... read more

Ceres,ca go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes The best like d rose 2
April 05 2016

I want d rose 2, but its not available now... so i need to find anything need to replace.... and now i found the d lillard 2.0 it fits so nice and very comfortable for my feet. Its nice for me for playing a point guard in basketball... ... read more

Ohmar, Philippines go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Amazing Shoe
April 04 2016

I bought these shoes a week and a half ago. I have balled in them twice and they feel great. The bounce cushioning is very comfortable and responsive, and the heel counter works surprisingly well, and it's not as clunky as it looks. The shoe also doesn't take very long to break in. The bottom of the shoe is also made from a tire compound, so the traction is pretty solid (I never really slid around). The materials in the shoe make it very comfortable; I had no problems balling in them for multiple hour sessions. I have also worn these casually, and they look great. The static color way makes it possible to wear these with almost anything, and they look fly. Would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone. Plus, they're only $105! The durable materials, amazing comfortability, sweet design, AND the $105 price tag make this shoe a must-have. ... read more

Shoe Reviewer, Ohio go to product
D Rose 773 Shoes Best shoes
April 04 2016

These shoes are really good. I feel like the left one is more comfortable than the right one though. It really fits my feets allthough I have small feets. Not that that heavy and good looking. You should really go get yourself a pair. ... read more

P.Destroyer, Stockholm, Sweden go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Tight fit but incredibly comfortable with great quality
April 04 2016

Super comfortable shoe, the boost is great. A little tight just beyond the laces, but the rest is great. Traction could have been better but I play outdoors on poor Tarmac so can only be so good. The build quality is phenomenal and I definitely recommend these shoes. They look great. This was for the synthetic leather model. ... read more

TMurray45, Surrey go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Best shoe for players who value cushion
March 31 2016

I'm 34 and play pick-up 3 times a week. I am on the (slight) physical decline and I have a bad case of plantar fasciitis. These shoes are a god send. I initially played with them with the stock insole but shortly removed them for a superfeet orange insole for better arch support and they are by far the best I've played in in years. In my opinion they top the Kobe 9, Lebron 11/12/13, Melo M11, KD5 & 8, Clutchfit drive 1&2 mid and highlight. Those shoes may have some great features but overall the Rose 6 Allstar is my favorite. The only small complaint is that they have a little too much movement in the forefoot when doing step back type plays. It's not noticeable when you are playing but definitely the first few times you warm up. The lacing system takes some getting used to as well. Overall, if you like crazy cushion and an overall solid shoe.....this is it. ... read more

EspiTheGreat, Boston, MA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes D Rose 6 Boost Black and Red
March 26 2016

When buying these shoes i was skeptical to the performance of the shoes as i knew how heavy the shoe was and how the materials aren't very flexible. When i opened them though i was blown away, the boost creates a cloud for you to run on! With all this boost in the shoes does have negative effects though. Trying to be light on your feet and on your toes is a struggle. The grip on the shoe is good but wiping is needed due to the grooves not being very deep. I would recommend this shoe to a big man or a powerful player due to all the boost and the way the shoe is made. The ankle support is OK, there is very thick padding in the ankle but i feel it could come a little higher on the ankle and have a few more lase loops. All in all the shoe looks great, is made amazingly and performs really well. ... read more

Kingelrock, UK go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Worst Shoe I have bought so far.
March 25 2016

I bought this shoe back in January and by the end of February, there were permanent stains in the suede from rain or basketball courts. In March, I started noticing that my left shoe had a hole in the suede by the pinky toe. I went to my shoemaker and he was able to fix it. More money I had to put into the shoe... The shoe fits and feels amazing so I try to wear them as much as possible, but maybe a week later there is a huge ripon the seam of the shoe in the middle of the inside of the same left shoe... I don't play basketball very often, maybe 3-4 time a week for 2-3 hours but this is insane how easily this shoe broke. Hopefully this is just a problem with this one shoe because they are so comfortable and have a great grip... ... read more

cmp519, Florham Park, NJ go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes NEEDS WORK
March 13 2016

I bought these shoes and I wore them about 5-7 times a week and they did not hold up well. First I noticed the boost was chipping, then I noticed that rubber material in between the boost was getting beat up then in a game at halftime one of my laces ripped in half and had to buy new laces then I noticed the traction in some places was ripping. And the shoes are pretty heavy, I were kd's for a casual shoe and when I take my basketball shoes off after practice I notice a HUGE weight difference. PS Im not writing this because I hated Drose or Adidas but it is quite the opposite i'm just saying this is not the shoe for you if you play ball as often as I do. ... read more

NickP, USA go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Great Shoe, Poor Consistency in Size
March 03 2016

Let me start by saying that this shoe is a great shoe and i like the all-around look. But I always wear a 9.5 in any basketball shoe, but in regards to these adidas shoes, they dont fit at all, almost a whole size larger. I love the materials and the aesthetics of the shoe, but sizing was just way off for me. I highly recommend either half to even full size down. Sock Liner is perfect and hugs your foot just right, but there is just too much room in the toes. Other than the fit, this shoe is the best budget model. ... read more

stevierose, Berrien Springs, MI go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Cushion on another level.
March 02 2016

I purchased Jordan XXX, Jordan 29, Soldier 9, Curry 2, and several other brands of shoes this year. Nothing, i mean nothing, comes close to the Derick Rose 6 in terms of cushion and comfort. Its simply in another league. I picked up the purple prime knit version. The colorway is ugly, but I wanted the soft knit as opposed to the harder synthetics. Again, amazing shoe. I am a 10b in brannock device and went with a 9.5. My foot still has room on the sides and slides, even with stance nba socks. I may have to add another liner sock for perfect fit. These run very big. Anyone whos older, or has a history of knee and ankle support, please ... read more

LCLC, NYC go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Not Impressed
February 27 2016

I just purchased these for my son. This was not a first time purchase of D Rose sneaks and have always been satisfied with the quality. I was disappointed with materials used. They look like a dollar store purchase. ... read more

Otero, New Jersey, US go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Best purchase ever
February 18 2016

The quality is there and i have the d lillard I d lillard rip city and these 2.0 and i think this one is going to be my favorite shoes to go out or ball on the court ps these shoes will look sick in a pair of dame anthem shorts ... read more

Dlillardfan, Los Angeles, CA go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes "Da" BOOST
February 13 2016

The best shoes on the market if it comes to traction, no need to wipe your shoes on the court. BOOST is that what I was looking for for a long time not Air not Lunarlon but BOOST !!! Very big amortization which is good for your back and knees, I definitely recommend. ... read more

Hart23, Oxford UK go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes D Rose 6
February 08 2016

fit and support is awesome. tracction is great on clean courts, wiping is required on dusty courts. the best atrribute on this shoe is cushion! you gotta try the full lenght Booost! best cushion on a basketball shoe ever! love the shoe. ... read more

tankoncourt, bershire, England go to product
D Rose 6 Boost Shoes Favorite basketball sneakers out!
February 04 2016

Man I love these shoes! Full length boost feels amazing, unless you like really minimal cushioning. Traction is ok and the fit is a lil roomy in the toebox but good for slightly wide feet I would say. ... read more

baldy806, United States go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Comparison
February 03 2016

I would go 1/2 size down in these. I wear Js, brons, kyries and I went 1/2 size down in what I would normally wear in those. They fit perfect. The shoe is awesome. Adidas really made a great product. This is the by far the most quality I have ever gotten out of a shoe. They're also the most comfortable. The price is unbelievable. I'm 100% satisfied. ... read more

nashe go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Best shoe I own
February 02 2016

I own many different basketball shoes of many different brands, and I can easily say that this shoe is the best one I own. It's super comfortable, looks sick, and is one of the best quality shoes I've ever seen. ... read more

gibbyswag22, Boise, ID go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Adidas killed it with Lillard 2
February 01 2016

This shoe is great! When you first put them on, they feel tight, especially for wide footers like myself, but since this shoe is a knit, it goes away very quickly. Cushioning was superb! Zero break in time. I have the black and red colorway (away). Traction is beast, even thought it does pick up big clunks of dust, just a simple wipe and you are set. Full length cushioning with great court feel. I really felt a nice pep to my step. These shoes are straight beast! I highly recommend this to everyone I know. Adidas has found a gold mine with boost and this new cushioning called bounce! And for this price, you can not beat it. I haven't had a show this great since probably the first Nike Hyperdunk in 2008 and this shoe does so much more. ADIDAS!!! THANK YOU Big John Stud ... read more

The Stud, Miami, FL go to product
D Lillard 2.0 Shoes Lillard 2.0- Excellent shoe!
January 26 2016

This shoe hugs to your foot right when you put it on. They have excellent grip and cushioning. After playing in the them for the first time I can tell they are going to do the job on court. My feet were a little sore, but that's to be expected breaking in a new pair of kicks. Overall, I highly recommend the shoes, especially at the affordable price point. ... read more

mendozajj11, Rockville, MD go to product
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