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The Superstar Boots Men's Originals
$ 300
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The Superstar Boots Men's Originals
$ 300
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The Blauvelt Boots Men's Originals
$ 375
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Energy Boost Boots Men's Originals
$ 500
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The Samba Boots Men's Originals
$ 250
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The Samba Boots Men's Originals
$ 250
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The Samba Boots Men's Originals
$ 250
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ZX 500 Boots Men's Originals
$ 200
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ZX 500 Boots Men's Originals
$ 200
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ZX 500 Boots Men's Originals
$ 200
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GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Men's Outdoor
$ 145
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GSG-9.2 High Boots Men's Outdoor
$ 175
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GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Men's Outdoor
$ 135
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Reviews for:Boots Shoes

254 reviews
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best boots ever
October 04 2015

great quality. durable and still light and breathable. just be aware of size. I am usually 8.5 but I had to go with 9.5 for this one... my right foot still feel a bit tight but acceptable... as long as you got the size right, this is the best boots to use anytime anywhere ... read more

hanewind go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Recommended
October 01 2015

I have relatively narrow size 11 feet (I never have to size up or down), and these boots fit me perfectly. They're also surprisingly light weight. I love the way they look on me, too. However, I've only had these boots for a few weeks. It remains to be seen how long they'll last over the long term. ... read more

smyers, Toronto go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Are good
September 28 2015

I am former military, and I have used a lot of "boots looking" shoes. I took this model for a hiking second day I received them and it is a rare model that does not harm my foot during first use. The weight is little more than running shoes. ... read more

Oleks, Montreal go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Perfect, but the color was not desert tan
September 11 2015

Okay, so when I read all the reviews about how it was more yellow then tan I was a bit sceptical. I have been buying stuff from adidas for years and finally decided to buy these for hiking. Let me tell you that THEY ARE THE BEST FEELING THINGS I HAVE EVER PUT ON MY FEET!!! They are SSSOOOOO comfortable and fit my feet EXACTLY!!!! I never thought that I would ever find anything like these. They feel great! They are also suprisingly light weight too! I normally wore the Kanadia TR series for my daily and hiking shoe and these gsg9.3s feel almost the same weight. Now onto the color as I know people want to hear about that. If you look at the picture of the shoes, they do actually look a bit yellowish anywhere but the middle spot were the adidas 3 lines trademark logo thingy is. That part is actually the only part that is actually desert tan. In person the yellowish part does look a bit more yellow but not highlighter yellow like some other person wrote. I found that if you go to Micheals the craft store they have fabric spray paint dyes. I found a desert tan and to my suprise, it actaully made it look like a desert tan then a what I was imagining it would. I thought it would come out dark but no, it came out perfect! Afterwards I did spray a water repellant on them just incase as I did not want the dye to either fade out or come out when I walked throught streams, which is part of the reason I got the water repellent in the first place. I have a friend that just used brown shoe polish and it turned out better then the yellowish but darker than a desert tan. It wasn't that bad looking either. I let him use some of my water repellent spray and both of our color fixers have been staying in place for about 3 months now. In summery, I love the things as they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn before, but I do wish they were actually a desert tan. I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! ... read more

mrgw98, Tennessee, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Great boot
September 03 2015

Nice boot, but runs small. I wear a size 12 normally, but had to exchange the boots for size 13. Now they fit perfect. Just not sure why Adidas runs so small. Anyway, once you get the correct size, they fit really nice. ... read more

the real pacman, USA go to product
GSG-9.3 Desert Low Boots Best Boots Ever
August 17 2015

After reading the reviews, I bought these boots for a 2 reasons. First, almost all the reviews stated the boots were comfortable. These boots are super comfortable, whether I am on the street or in the office. The boots feel like I am wearing regular Adidas sneakers, which by the way are my favorite and the only sneakers that I buy. The second reason I bought them was they were purported to be yellow in color and I love to be different and push the envelope. I was hoping that they would be yellow, so I would look the contrarian, I actually am. Well the boots came in desert tan, so I was a little surprised but totally happy. If you are looking for boots that work well both on and off duty, these are yours! I would recommend these to any and all! ... read more

Bootsy, New York State go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Great so far!
August 16 2015

This boot was purchased for work. I've been through many very expensive boots that has not held up very long. So far this boot is perfect. It's lite, rugged, very comfortable and stylish. It's only been about a month but, so far so good. ... read more

steama134, New York, NY go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots german engineering
July 25 2015

By far the comfiest pair of boots I've had on my feet, I have these on for some strong 12 hour shifts and some door work and I can Sprint and grapple easily in these, the ankle support is spot on for a mid height boot, my feet don't get too warm in these either 10/10 ! Will be buying a second pair ... read more

Ellro, bradford uk go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots great boots
June 27 2015

These are a very comfortable work shoe. I wear them sometimes more then 16 hours at a time. It feels like I'm walking around barefoot. My only complaint is the durability of the sole. Some of the surfaces that I work on are very abrasive. It's an aircraft carrier type surface. I would imagine that they would have better durability on a less abrasive surface. ... read more

Sparky on the seas, Phienix, AZ go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Very GOOD purchase
June 23 2015

Awesome boots, comfortable, lightweight, they do run a little small like all adidas shoes, you may need get a half size bigger.The only thing missing on these boots are the lace up clamps like you see on military boots the last 4 or 5 lace holes are clamps for easier lace up. ... read more

TjsMyName, California, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Super comfy
June 22 2015

As a swedish police officer I encounter very various weather conditions. These boots keeps me warm and dry most of the year. It's just during January and February I need something warmer. These boots even excel my meindl performance in comfort. ... read more

Thestroyer, Sweden go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Good choice
June 10 2015

I bought these for work as I am a police officer in London, most of my shift is on foot patrol. The first time I wore them I found them very comfortable and light. Also they do not make my feet sweat in the warm weather. Good choice I think ... read more

KCOP, London, uk go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Quality Pair of Boots
May 21 2015

As someone who spends a significant amount of time on their feet in the private security industry, there are a few factors that come into play before making a decision on a pair of work boots. Namely, fit and comfort; weight, durability, and of course overall presentation. In terms of fit and comfort these boots are phenomenal. There is plenty of support in the ankles without unwanted restrictions in movement and the foot feels cushioned within the boot. As some other reviewers have mentioned previously, the GSG 9.2’s act more like a pair of runners than duty boots, remaining comfortable even after being on your feet in excess of sixteen hours. It should be mentioned that with regards to the fitting of these boots, they are relatively narrow. If you have wider than average feet, then it is likely that much of the comfort present in these boots will be compromised. In addition, it is strongly recommended to order a half size larger than you normally would for everyday shoes or runners. I personally wear size 9 shoes in most circumstances, and with size 9.5 GSG’s I have a perfect fit with just enough room for thicker socks when winter approaches. It is difficult to speak to the durability of these boots, as I have owned them for roughly a month. So far, then show no signs of any wear and still look fresh out of the box. My only concern comes from the shoelace eyelets being simple holes in the boots, and not having any immediately apparent reinforcement. While they are certainly thick, they may not last quite as long as metal ones. Hopefully my concerns are misplaced and these boots withstand the test of time like every other pair of Adidas shoes I have had the pleasure of wearing. The presentation of the GSG 9.2’s is a good balance between tough-looking ‘tacticool’ and more formal dress boot. This makes them, in my opinion, ideal for security and law enforcement personnel who need to maintain a professional appearance to a certain degree. These boots also seem to polish up nicely, so any scuffs that one might get can easily be buffed out, making maintenance of said professional appearance a simple task. The only way these boot could look any better would be if they were entirely made of full-grain leather as opposed to their mostly synthetic composition, which still looks relatively good. Overall, these boot are a great buy and are easily recommendable to anyone looking for a comfortable and lightweight boot. ... read more

Wolfhound, Edmonton go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Really, really comfortable and light boot!
May 20 2015

I work as a corrections officer, and I walk a lot during my shift, and these boots are perfect for that, very light and comfortable, my feet don't hurt at all after a 12 hour shift. I even wear them off duty, they look great! I have some friends who serve in special forces, and they are also very satisfied how this boot performs. I thought that I would bust them in 2 months, because I have wide feet and I weigh 115 kgs, but they handled all of that extremely well, after 6 months, they look brand new. The grip is fantastic on all surfaces! They are waterproof, I wore them in soaking rain all day, and my feet stayed dry, which is truly amazing! The only downside is that the leather on the toebox is really thin and you cen see the contours of your toes, and also the heel area could be stiffer for the support. Anyway, I would recommend this product to those who seek a comfortable, light, good looking and durable boot. ... read more

M_Titanium, Serbia go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots GSG 9.7
May 06 2015

Boot is generally comfortable however I'm not that keen on the design of the tongue in that the sides fold in on themselves causing what feels like a lump which irritates the top of my foot . I've tried re lacing the boot but still does not feel right . , That's why only 4 stars . Used for my job . I'll consider purchasing the GSG 9.2 next ... read more

lyndon23uk, Birmingham UK go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Comfortable
March 26 2015

This boot runs 1/2 a size to a full size to small depending on your feet and it is narrow. Over all comfort feels like I'm wearing sneakers at work. I'm a NYC EMT who works 3 jobs, these boots are heaven on earth for my feet ... read more

Fi, Queens New York go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Great Boots!
March 23 2015

I did the usual internet search for reviews on the many brands/styles of boots on the market and choose the gsg boot. My need was based on very long periods of standing on concrete floors. These boots were PERFECT! I only knew I had them on when I first put them on. After that they did their job very well! They are lightweight, well cushioned, excellent support around the ankle, dry, warm and most of leg fatigue from standing. They also dress up well when cleaned and polished. The feedback about not being easy to put on or take off is true. Trust me that will only be a problem if you are taking them off and putting them on all day....who does that? I followed other reviews and bought them a 1/2 size larger and that proved to be a good move. I may buy another pair, just in case I can't find them again. ... read more

Laydbug56, United States go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best boots I have ever bought
March 05 2015

I have been working in Military/Law Enforcement for 25 years and these are the best boots I have ever bought. I have had my current pair for 5 years and they are still going strong. Light, breathable and amazingly comfortable. Have used them in all four seasons with no complaints. I highly recommend these boots. ... read more

6655321, Hamilton ON go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Not a running shoe
February 25 2015

I am a law enforcement officer that is a die hard adidas gear junkie so i was excited when i saw these boots. The reviews i read raved about how comfortable they were. To my dismay they are nowhere near as comfortable as what i expected. They are a great looking boot and have the traditional 3 stripes that i love, but if comfort is what you are after there are better boots out there for this high of a price. ... read more

Snakeeyes, Ohio go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Well Done, Adidas (Again)
February 20 2015

Pretty much zero break in time, comfortable and tough. I've been wearing Adidas combat boots since my first pair of GSG 9s decades ago. I still have one set of those, reserved for parachuting. Adidas quality remains high. ... read more

Lawndart, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots EXCELLENT!!!!
January 28 2015

This is my second pair of boots I am buying for my work. I am a security guard and I walk a LOT!!! My last pair lasted almost 10 years through harsh Alaskan weather. I highly recommend there boots to everybody! Thank you. ... read more

Zomba Fett, Anchorage, Alaska, USA go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Great purchase.
January 18 2015

Work in a hospital on 12.5 hour shifts. Have problem feet that are actually size 7 UK but due to width, I have to take UK 8. After reading reviews, decided to chance it and order the size UK 8.5. Fitted very well and are very comfortable. Great grip and does not seem to mark wooden or tiled floors. Lightweight, more like a pair of runners with the support of boots. Well worth it! ... read more

Starwolf426, Dublin, \ireland go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Great boot.
January 16 2015

Bought these boots for work, very light and very comfortable. The leather on the boot is very soft and supple, there is plenty of padding around the ankle area. I am normally a size 9 in adidas trainers, I got a 9 in the boot. At first I thought I should've went a half size up, however due to the leather being so soft after wearing them a couple of times they were fine. Well recommended, excellent and quick delivery as well. ... read more

Jiseppe, Liverpool go to product
GSG-9.7 Desert Boots Good purchase.
January 04 2015

I got these for work as I do alot of walking and driving around, I'm a size 5.5/6 so ordered a 6 just to be on the safe side and found the left boot slightly shorter than other size 6 adidas I've had, the leather is supple on the toes although the heel is slightly rigid and rubs into the back of your achille's until you break them In (took me 3 days) they're lightweight which is good I expected them to be slightly on the heavier side and I don't seem to slip whilst walking around on the ice and snow. On normal paving they're very grippy. The only issue I can point out is they don't hold heat very well so thermal socks are a good idea to wear with them, if I had to buy another pair of these I would purely for the comfort and durability. ... read more

braxie, UK go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots best boots I've ever found
November 21 2014

I've worn tactical boots for 10 years and done by fair share of asking people and googling and the gag9.2 is the best boot i have ever worn. It fits and feels like a well made running shoe and has more grip than it probably should have. Not much else to say about it, it's a high quality boot build properly by a company that knows shoes. ... read more

spicymeats, canada go to product
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