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Blue • Sport • Training • Shoes

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Reviews for: Blue Sport Training Shoes

21 reviews
adissage Slides Love the product, Hope the massage nubs hold up
August 31 2015

I bought these to replace a pair with the "clear" nubs that start to break and fall off after about a year. I hope these black nubs will be a little more durable. I love to wear these unique slides because of the massage feature of the "nubs". Please continue to make these forever. These are great after a work out or even for everyday around the house. ... read more

Ed V, Mpls.Mn go to product
adissage Slides Well worth it
August 27 2015

I notice some people find these painful, which was my experience when first putting them on. However when you break them in (& the nubs soften) they become the most comfortable things you own & leave your feet feeling really nice. I wear these to the beach or take them swimming as they can handle all the sea and hot sand you throw at them without becoming nasty. ... read more

JimiC, London go to product
adilette Supercloud Plus Slides Top draw flip flops
July 10 2015

Ordered up a size which for me personally works a treat with Adidas shoes. Most comfortable flip flops I have had just waiting to try out the quick drying.....sure they will be fine and dandy. Just to add service ordering from Adidas - top of the range. ... read more

Lorow, Liverpool go to product
adissage Slides AWESOME
March 14 2015

I received this as a gift for Christmas 2014. I've always wanted a pair because they look very fashionable, comfortable, and can be worn in a wet environment (need them for the banya). The material is comfortable, the strap stays tight, and they are fairly soft. All the nubs are intact (only three months of wear) and I must say, these are the best pair of slides I ever wore. I will buy these for the rest of my life ... read more

Run_Chuk, New Jersey go to product
adissage Comfort Slides Comfort slide indeed!!!
February 20 2015

These are very durable like any Adissage slide just more comfortable to wear. I like how they still leave my footprints after I take them off for a few minutes and when I put them back on, the foam sinks my feet in all the way around. ... read more

goobah3075 go to product
adissage Slides Okay
February 14 2015

They are comfortable sometimes, but when you are walking around the house and have to step the little nubs poke you and when you take them off you have so many little nub marks on your foot. Socks helps the problem a little, but the shoes still look very nice. I purchased mine from an Adidas outlet on sale for $15, I feel that is a more fair price. I wouldn't pay $30, if I was I would buy the regular ones without nubs for sure. ... read more

Mythical Master, Poughkeepsie, NY go to product
adissage Slides Great Slides!
November 30 2014

I purchased them to wear mostly at home after the run or gym - they provide great massage and relaxation for my feet. comfy to wear. also stylish design. I wear them with and without socks depending on my mood. (if your feet are too sensitive you probably need to wear socks). their purpose is to provide massage, so I don't think its a good idea to wear them as casual flip flops. I bought half size bigger than my actual size, and they fit perfectly (you can adjust the strap depending how wide your feet are). It's my first week wearing them so I cant tell much about durability/quality - just hope they last for a while. ... read more

Dimi_sf, San Francisco, CA go to product
adissage Slides kinda odd
October 08 2014

Fits a bit bigger than the size and falls off the back of my foot a lot I will have my heel walking on air while my toes are at the front. That's how it ends up while walking down a hallway or just walking around in general. ... read more

millerman88, newyork,us go to product
adissage Slides Shudda ordered on-line first thing
September 06 2014

I drove to two different Sports Authority stores trying to get a pair of these slides in my size (12) which is like Bigfoot, but what I needed nonetheless. After no luck, I went on-line, quickly located the shoes, ordered them and they were here in no time. Thanks. ... read more

Father Steve, Edmonds, WA go to product
adissage Slides Great, probably going to buy new ones soon
August 24 2014

These are very good shoes. However, after having them for 2 years, I am probably going to replace them soon. I loved them while they lasted, however, I did notice the rubber bumps on the bottom were starting to fall off. That is my only problem that I experienced. Quite frankly, these were great shoes even though they are starting to fall apart. Very happy with my purchase. ... read more

#nickname, Jackson, MI, USA go to product
Calo 5 Flip-Flops Great on holiday whilst at Waterpark
August 18 2014

Having just come back from holiday of 9 days staying at a large waterpark in Corfu, these have been worn near enough all day and turned out a great buy. I've had previous unbranded and branded flip-flops before but was never happy with the fit, especially walking on sand, or having got them completely wet. These however were absolutely fine, it may be worth noting having bought in store I opted for one size up, purely because I found the foot-bed to obviously be slightly bigger but better, this would of course be upto the individual preferences. Highly recommended. ... read more

ryansonic, London go to product
adissage Slides AMAZING!!
March 30 2014

I have had my Adidas Slides for two years now! they are by far my favorite shoes I have ever owned. I wear them shopping, to school, after sports practices, all the time. Everyone is say you're supposed to wear them without socks, but I have always worn mine with them. I honestly don't think they look awful with socks, especially since everyone I know wears Slides with them. I wear these 5+ days a week, so they've had rough wear. They have just began to tear towards the top, again, I've had them two years, and some of the little nubs are falling off, but considering how often I wear them, and that I am out-growing them, it isn't awful. I would never hesitate to buy these shoes. ... read more

honey girl, Winchester, VA, USA go to product
adissage Slides adidas
January 05 2014

there just great to me,my dad and mom always told me its the way to go.what i think is that im always feeling great and cumfy.they last a while but i like to say they look good. fabric is awesome and i recommend them. if you have some money spend it on'll feel likeing them right now typing this review. ... read more

Miami, FL, USA go to product
adissage Slides Awesome slippers
January 04 2014

Bought 3 of these for the family and they all love it. It hurts at first they said but they got used to it and now feels comfortable in it. The footbeds are awesome for all of us who has work where we stand most of the time during shift. An afterwork comfort at the end of the day.Giving it an A! ... read more

jacebond, London go to product
adissage Slides Safe non-slipping at poolside
December 28 2013

These were purchased for a middle-school grandson, who's on a swim team. He took them out of the box and has worn them every day! He likes wearing them with socks right now, because of the "bumpy" soles, which may soften with time. ... read more

Gma in CA go to product
adissage Slides Great but..
December 06 2013

The shoes are very comfortable after a while but when I first got them they hurt a little but I heard that if they hurt at first that means they're working so great!!! I have the pink and white ones... Cute and comfy!!! ... read more

Loveonna08, Indiana, USA go to product
adissage Slides Pleased with service and product.
August 08 2013

This is the third pair of these I have but and I don't like wearing anything else. Can be a little umcoftable when you first put them on, but once you are use to them they are great. I never have them off my feet I would where them 24 hrs a day if I could. ... read more

Johno, Lancashire go to product
adissage Slides Best ever
July 17 2013

Brilliant footwear. Never discontiue this brand. Been on holiday several times and never had any foot problems. The adjustable velcro strap is a strong selling point as it stops anty rubbing on the side of your feet which causes blisters. At first you will find them difficult to wear but once your feet bed in you can walk miles as the sole of your foot moulds into place. I have walked for hours in mine and still have had no pain or problems. Been out of work a while now and i wear them every day. I have had them over 5 years now, worth every penny. Keith from Northants ... read more

Keithy, Rushden UK go to product
adissage Slides The slipes are my best friend
July 03 2013

I love those shoes. They are so comfortable and massage the bottom of your feet after a long long day. I have at least 3 pairs. I wear them almost every day and even at work and do not care if the shoes matching with my clothes or not. Please DO NOT discontinue the item!!!!! ... read more

Lena L, Seattle, WA, USA go to product
adissage Slides May Take Some Time Of Getting Used To
June 24 2013

I bought a pair a few days ago at first the massaging nubs throughout the footbed really hurt my feet but I continued to wear them by the 3rd day they still hurt my feet but not as much as they did on the 1st day and now they started to feel great on my feet. If your feet hurt at first that is to be expected since your feet ain't used to wearing them yet but give it some time your feet will get used to them and than in no time they will start to feel great on your feet. A+++ 5 Star Sandals ... read more

Pueblo, CO, USA go to product
adissage Slides Quality
April 23 2013

Foot massage sandal. Slightly better than normal sandals because little rubber dots on the bottom press against feet. I wear black socks with the black colored shoes. White socks with these looks awkward. Wearing with bare feet is also a fine option. $30 for sandals a bit pricey... if I ran track or worked on my feet all day these would be sensible to wear afterwards for massage effect. ... read more

Reign Man, Massachusetts, USA go to product
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