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    Soccer is changing. In the style and way it is played and in the type of players who grace the game.

X15.3 Turf Shoes Men's Soccer
$ 70
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Reviews for adidas Soccer

81 reviews
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Excellent Preformane For The Attacking Type
July 16 2015

This pair of boots is by far the best that i have worn and used. The X-Cage and Fit-Tech Sock help tremendously with preformance and help with the feel of the ball and performance of the touch. My shooting and touch have improved dramatically in the short time that i have had these. My foot is a little narrow and these cleats are the perfect size for me. If you are in a wider area of the foot, I recommend going up half a size for the perfect fit.I recommend these cleats to those who are of the flanks on the fields. From the right-back to the left-wing these cleats can improve your performance and help make you te the game changer you want to be. ... read more

Nathan Stotler, Bradenton, Florida go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Amazing Boot
June 29 2015

This boot is really great and unique. I couldn't wait to test these out and when I did it felt great my foot was locked in the boot. Also another great thing about is the sock fit technology on the boot it is amazing. It has the wet grip control thing so now you have better grip on the ball in any wet condition which is my personal favorite. the only down thing that got me was the sock fit technology thing didn't go around the whole boot like I thought it would but it just kinda shocked me. Other than that its an amazing boot I wouldn't change a thing on them. ... read more

Jalong17, Burlington, NC, USA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats One of the best.
July 20 2015

These are some of the best boots I have ever owned. I have been through the predators, f50s and have also owned a pair of magistas and 2 pairs of superfly's and the Adidas x 15.1 is by far the most comfortable boot. Albeit on the heavier side compared to some competitors, this boot makes up for the little extra weight by being extremely comfortable. The first time I put them on, it felt as though they moulded to my foot. A couple of strikes on the ball and I could immediately tell that they were cut above any other boot I have worn. Not to mention that they also look incredibly clean. Overall, a fantastic purchase worth, to me, a lot more than 220. Thank you Adidas! ... read more

nanomano14, Missouri, USA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Boot!
July 08 2015

Y8\This is probably, if not, the best Adidas boot I have ever worn! Such a great boot! Fit and feel right out of the box is really comfortable. Had minimal break in time for my experience. Though the tech fit was a little disappointing as I thought it would part of the inside liner of the shoe but no big deal there, gives a really unique sensation what worn. I love the thin upper you get with it, very similar to the 2014 F50 but even thinner! Love the the lock in feel from the X-cage, really locks you feet in tight. As for the stud pattern it works really well and is very aggressive stud configuration similar again to the 2014 F50. Awesome boot overall! Another great from Adidas again! ... read more

Shinta04, Minnesota, USA go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Soccer Cleats of All Time
August 14 2015

The best of the best right now out there, unbeatable fit and comfort even tho my foot its little bit wide if i normally wear a 8 with this ones i went for a 8.5 and works perfectly fine like a glove, great features like X-Claw give a really good traction and grip in the field also that X-Cage provides an excellent support and last but not least of the X's the X-Skin will give you a better control on the touch maybe no like ACE but better that any other cleats out there and for me another great plus in this cleats its the FG/AG its awesome because i play sometimes on AG and it helps a lot. Thanks Adidas ... read more

Andres R., Columbus, OH go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats PERFECT.
July 31 2015

I'd like to start by saying..... These are definitely different to any other adidas boot iv ever owned.. And iv had them all trust me.. But these are up there with the best from the preds to the pros too the f50. They fit like a sock instant comfort no blisters I'd recommend you don't go a size down or up.. Just get your size they will fit perfect.. In terms of passing, control and striking the ball.. it feels immaculate... There's no such thing as a boot making you play better? But something happened when I put these on and if you love adidas boots I strongly suggest you try these! ... read more

Bradwafc15, London go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Boots Ive Ever Owned Nd Wore
July 15 2015

This Boots Are Absolutley Amazing Feels Amazing With The Ball At My Feet , Great Touch , Fits True To Size , The Touch On The Ball When Im Dribbling Is Outstanding All Around Boot To Purchase Its Worth Every Penny Im Amazed Adidas Always Has Its Way Of Amazing Me With There Fantastic Boots Thankyou Much Love To Adidas Now I Can Be The Difference ... read more

TonyChenet, Los Angeles , CA go to product
X15.3 Turf Shoes Great turf shoe
August 14 2015

This shoe is great. Grips very well when cutting as far as sizing goes I would go a half size up because I'm normally a size nine but my last pair of shoes are tight so ordered a 9.5 and fits perfect but in cleats I'm a size 9 don't know why turf shoes run a little smaller. Overall great shoe. ... read more

Gallo510, Hayward,Ca go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great Boot
July 20 2015

I've been playing soccer for 20 + years and only worn Adidas cleats. The X 15.1 are my first synthetic Adidas cleats. My previous cleats were the AdiPure SL, I've been using them for 6 years and still going strong. First, the bad: I have a wide foot; the X 15.1 cleats definitely fit more narrow than what I am accustomed to from Adidas. The 'techfit' collar does cause some heel slippage. The good: This is an extremely comfortable boot. I am confident the narrow width issue will work-out. The midfoot and heel support are excellent. The upper material really feels as close to bare-foot as I've ever felt and provides outstanding grip. This is the first cleat that did not give me blisters while breaking in. The stud pattern provides amazing stability. The frame is sturdy and helps with sprinting. Overall I love this shoe. You will not be disappointed. ... read more

jrossi90, Toronto go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats one of my favorite shoes yet
July 17 2015

the new X15.1 is a really good shoe. The Ag/Fg stud pattern helps a lot since I play on both fields. The grip of the stud pattern and the touch of the ball is really good. It has a lot of cushion around the ankle but the only problem is the slick material from the techfit. Other than that, I love this boot! ... read more

K. Granado, Texas, U.S. go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Not a waste of money
July 26 2015

These are the best shoes you can but at the moment. Very comfortable and gives you a beautiful touch. If your thinking about buying cleats these are the right cleats you want. You don't need to think about it. ADIDAS has changed the game with this beautiful pair of cleats. ... read more

Rehath, New York City go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Good Cleats
July 21 2015

I think these are a very good pair of cleats that are definitely worth buying. However I found that they were a little larger then I was expecting but it wasn't anything to major. I also recommend getting these cleats because they are easy to clean and very durable. ... read more

Airel Attack, Naples, Italy go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Cleat I have ever boughten
July 21 2015

At first the cleat looked different from normal cleats because of the tech fit collar but it grew on me and now I'm glad I bought these. They feel amazing on my foot. Best cleat I have ever boughten hands down ... read more

chivasOmnilife, Colorado,U.S. go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats New Tech - New Level
July 11 2015

Purchased these in size 8.5 for my 15 year old - the sock fit on the ankle is a real bonus making the boot feel a much closer part of the foot. Very light in weight but good support due to the tech advances in this product - if you can purchase the 15.1 DO - its a great product that will be the game changer you could be looking for! ... read more

RichSarge, london go to product
X15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats loving them
July 20 2015

I am a huge adidas fan and the new x15.1 is my love they are so comfortable and just fits amazing I am gonna start a YouTube channel and start doing some reveiws of adidas products and do some free kicks with them I would love to be sponsored by adidas there just the best for everything. The sport im in is soccer and everything from adidas for soccer is amazing no bad things I can say about them ... read more

krystian lopez, clovis, nm go to product
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