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Blue • Soccer • Shoes

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Reviews for: Blue Soccer Shoes

110 reviews
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great pair of boots
February 01 2016

Really happy with the purchase. They're a good fit and hug the foot nicely so you get a good feel for the ball when wearing them. Have only played on grass to date but grip seems well balanced across the foot. ... read more

TPArgie go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats great quality - a little bit too long
January 22 2016

The feel of the boot is great (ace 15.1) you can tell its great quality. I got my regular football boot size (1/2 size up form normal ) but there was a bit too much length in these boots, width and overall size fine, just a bit too much toe room. ... read more

Kieran951098765, MAnchester UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Comfort
January 14 2016

I think if ordered in the right size these boots were perfect, I haven't had such comfort since the old adidas predators. I have sent my pair back and have already got a size bigger. Now I can play pain free. I think the boot overall is prefect for anyone with narrow feet, they fit perfectly and extremely comfy ... read more

Rashers, Edinburgh go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Super light and super ball control
December 30 2015

Its an amazing pair of cleats.. very light, makes you faster. I am pretty fast myself but with these I feel like I am flying. On turf if you have knee or meniscus injuries, may cause some hamstring or leg pain but overall I give it 9 out of 10 ball control is amazing, you can curve the ball anyway you want it and stopping and controlling the ball is much better with these Better traction as well, turns and take off is quicker try it ... read more

Ghhovik, glendale, ca go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Amazing cleats
December 13 2015

Ive had these cleats for about 2 weeks now and so far the have been fantastic. One thing you should know before buying them is that there is minimal padding, so if you get cleated, you're gonna feel it. For some reason, these cleats are absolutely amazing for striking the ball in (long freekicks, driven balls, hard shots). I don't know what it is, but something about these cleats makes it possible to always have a good contact and create a lot of power. idk, maybe the last cleats I had weren't good for striking the ball (CTR 360 Maestri III's), but let me tell ya; these are. Also, these are arguably a bit wide. That's great for me because my feet are wide, but if you have very skinny feet I'd say go for the X 15. The touch on these cleats is amazing as well, the outside control web thing provides a unique and precise touch. It feels different once you first put them on, but after a couple minutes of kicking the ball around you get used to it. So in my opinion: get these cleats, they are definitely worth it. ... read more

Chrisssss15, Cali go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best boot I have purchased
December 06 2015

I bought these when they were released and I do not have a single regret. I loved the old adipure that adidas used to make and when these came up, I knew I had to buy them. This is definitely the most comfortable and best boot I have ever worn on my feet. ... read more

Andrew1010, Singapore go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great soccer cleats!
November 04 2015

This boot is great for wide footed players, and the upper material stretches a bit and hugs around your feet really well! The upper is a little thicker and harder than the natural leather, but this boot has a great feel for shooting! I think natural leather with a softer material offers slightly better feel for first touch and dribbling the ball. The soleplate is a great option for playing on artificial grass by having shorter and rounded studs for better rotation and turning on the ground without locking your foot in place which can be dangerous on your knees. I think this boot will be better if the upper is a little softer and thinner! The upper is still an improvement from previous Adidas cleats. Overall, this is an awesome boot by Adidas! ... read more

AaronB12 go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great pair of boots
November 02 2015

I bought last seasons Predators of Prodirect for a cut price deal as they were out of season. This was a mistake, they came up way too small. I am not entirely sure how Adidas measured their boots last season, but Im pretty sure it was incorrect. To be honest though, the mistakes of last season are no more, and after stumping up a bit of extra cash to replace the Predators, the new Ace 15.1 have been a delight. No time needed to wear them in or get your feet accustomed to them. Great fit straight from the box, to the pitch. They look pretty decent too. ... read more

Stotty, London go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Ace 15.1 Black/Solar Orange
October 27 2015

The boots come up slightly smaller than usual. I am a standard UK8.5 /adidas 9, but had to take a 9.5. That aside, the boots are the usual high quality finish and look. Really enjoy the feel and comfort of the fit. Highly recommend the boots. ... read more

J0eC00l, London, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Good Buy
October 26 2015

A nice wide boot which is comfort to wear from the box and does not need much break in time. A good feel with the ball and they are light but a quality feel to them. Would recommend the orange pair over the green as the back of the boot gets black marks from the AF ground or other boots making contact and once on the green the marks seem impossible to remove. ... read more

Knocky, Essex, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Simply Amazing!
October 21 2015

I was originally wearing the new hyper venom II but they were to wide on my foot so I decided to make the change to Adidas ace and they are so comforting on the foot and they allow you to hit the ball with more precision. I definitely recommend to any player! ... read more

furni, England go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Close but not perfect.
September 20 2015

I've worn these shoes for close to a month. I love the touch of the new upper surface and the extra studs on the bottom of the soles. However the heel is very unconformable to me and leaves me with the most painful blisters on both of my ankles. The shoes were ever so slightly not long enough for my foot and I lost a half of toe nail on my right foot due to the fit. I had to send them back. I look forward to the next design. ... read more

t5styles333, Flagstaff AZ go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Simply Amazing and Great!!
September 16 2015

I have the Miadidas version but fits just the same. When I first wore these, I thought I was putting on old predators again and I've been a Predator fan since I was a kid. The feeling is similar, but much improved. The touch and feel of the ball is great!! Had no problem breaking them in and wore them for an entire match with no rips or any of the sort. The sole is fantastic! You can definitely feel the difference between firm and artificial turf which is great! Above all an amazing cleat!! Great job Adidas!! ... read more

Maury1423, Virginia go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats good replacement for the predator
September 12 2015

I have always worn predators and was disheartened when adidas discontinued the range. I was reluctant to buy the ace at first but i am so glad that I did. They aces are a lot more lightweight than the predator but the control and feel of the boot is not compromised. I would highly recommend this boot and they fit true to size. An added bonus was the fantastic service provided by adidas as the boots were delivered quickly upon purchase. A great purchase for any footballer at any level. ... read more

Joe1884, Burton on Trent, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Solid boot for wide feet
September 10 2015

In a footballing market where us with wide feet are severely overlooked, the Ace 15.1 is very welcomed, with a nice fit, and a nice light touch on the ball. The reason for not getting a full 5 star, is the sole plate takes a while to losen as well as a lot of heel slippage at the start! Overall much better than the X 15.1! ... read more

HAZZER25 go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Greatest Cleat Ever
September 02 2015

I've had this Cleat for just over a month and love them. I little more expensive than I would like but I would make the purchase again and again... The amount of control and spin you can put on the ball is revolutionary. Adidas only has one problem now and that is they have to try and top this Cleat with something new!!!! ... read more

Brandon12, Goffstown NH go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best football bolt purchase Iv made
August 21 2015

Very comfy football boots when I normally buy boots they rub underneath and give me blisters under neath my foot not with these. Great quality up to now can't complain and main part is they are VERY comfy! Would recommend to anyone :)! ... read more

TinaG23, Manchester,uk go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Excellent boots, just too small!
August 16 2015

It wasn't easy to give a star rating because I love the boots, problem is I've just paid a lot of money for a product I'll struggle to use. I'm 10.5, so I ordered as such, unfortunately they fit small, so it's like a 10. As I got them customised I can't return them. Partly my own fault for not trying on at a shop beforehand but what's the point in using their website if I have to do that. Make sure you try on somewhere before you order online is my tip, other than that they are lovely and definitely improves first touch and control. ... read more

nac73, London, UK go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best cleats ever
August 15 2015

Best cleats ever the shoe was gripping to the ball and super comfortable I love ADIDAS but has never been so pleased with my cleats so great I would definitly recomend these shoes to anyone, THEY ROCK!!!! ... read more

Mango212, NY,NY go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Loved them
August 15 2015

I absolutely love them. The upper is super soft and grippy in the wet conditions. Soleplate is super flexible, and very durable. I have about 30+ hours in these and they look perfect. And it's a huge plus on the fg/ again stud pattern, cuz now you don't have to buy 2 pairs of cleats. Also Very minimal breakin time. Overall best cleats I've bought. ... read more

Juanp318, Charlotte, North Carolina go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Great cleats!
August 14 2015

I purchased a pair of ACE 15.1 cleats and I have to say that they've been pretty amazing. I've had no discomfort in breaking them in and they fit like a glove. I was surprised at how comfortable they were straight out of the box and they just get more comfortable every time I wear them. The touch on the ball is fantastic, they feel pretty light, and they look clean AF! I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase! ... read more

Julian98, Port Saint Lucie, FL go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Very comport with good techs
August 14 2015

The creats are good for a person who has a little wide foot. In my opinion, it's little wider than Adidas predate series. So it's perfect fit for me. And there are two colors yellow n blue currently. But it feels like yellow cleat's upper slightly thinner than blue one. I am not sure it's because they put black material on the blue color shoes. The new tech give me better ball control n first touch. I can't feel big difference when I take a shoot. Stud design is much better than predator ( circle vs triangle). More studs help me control a ball. I believe that this is a better product than a predator. The weight is lighter than a predator. You can easily notice that ... read more

Jay101, Lafayette, IN go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Best Boots Ever
August 14 2015

I bought these cleats for this coming collegiate soccer season. The boots are so comfortable and molded to my feet almost instantaneously while providing great control. The stud configuration provides maximum traction preventing me from slipping at all. Yet to see how they do on a really rainy, muddy day. So far they are the best boots I have ever owned and unless Adidas comes up with a much better pair, I will continue getting these for a long time to come. ... read more

Mcapul479, Coeur d'Alene, ID go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Amazing boots!
August 14 2015

After reading some of the reviews I decided to purchase the boots. The size is perfect, same as my older Adidas boots in Predator, and the touch on the ball is incredible! If you haven't ordered, you should! Have used them on turf so far and it grips the turf giving great traction for a quick sprint. Great ball control too. ... read more

Jsocccerlife, Greensburg, PA go to product
ACE 15.1 Firm/Artificial Ground Cleats Such a big difference
August 14 2015

Yo these shoes are straight fire, I had some F150s before this and OMG them shoes do not even compare to these beauties. My control of the ball on 10 now, you definitely feel the difference as soon as you put the shoes on. I recommend that everybody buy these shoes definitively, they're straight flames. ... read more

Jonny F., Painesville, Ohio go to product
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