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Grey • Sport • Training • Shoes

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Pure Boost Shoes Women's adidas by Stella McCartney
$ 160
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Solar Boost Shoes Kids Unisex Training
$ 65
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Duramo 7 Shoes Kids Unisex Training
$ 50
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Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Men's Weightlifting
$ 90
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Crazy Train Boost Shoes Men's Training
$ 120
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Crazy Train Boost Shoes Men's Training
$ 120
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adipure 360.3 Shoes Men's Training
$ 90
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adissage Marbled Slides Men's Training
$ 30
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Reviews for:Grey Sport Training Shoes

326 reviews
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Good Purchase
October 11 2015

It has been a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying these shoes. I feel much more stable while doing squats,dead lifts,etc. I would definitely recommend these shoes for someone looking to upgrade from regular trainers ... read more

name001 go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great value and does the job!
October 08 2015

A great value for the price and they do the job as described. If you are looking for an affordable squatting shoe, this would be it. My shoe size is a 9.5 US and the 9.5 in these had the correct length but it was a bit loose on the width. If I were to choose again, size 9 would be ideal in these. In the mean time, I will be tightening the laces and I won't be jumping in them. I also have the adiPowers and I prefer these but purely for aesthetic reasons. With the adiPowers, the 9.5 fit perfectly for me. ... read more

Dre83, Edmonton go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes GREAT WORKOUT SHOES!!!
October 05 2015

I used to workout in the RG3 Boost trainers. Then I switched to these, and I have not regretted it. Great forefoot cushioning, for cardio workouts and jumps. Firmer heel for stability during deadlifts and squats. Great traction for pushing/pulling the sled too. I will purchase another pair very soon. Also. the insoles that originally came with the shoe are ok. I swapped them out for some insoles from my Rose 2's. Wow! That made a tremendous difference. More bouncy cushioning. ... read more

AShaikh, Texas go to product
Duramo 7 Shoes Encouragement to run.
October 05 2015

Bought these shoes for our 10 year old granddaughter to wear whilst running. She loves the Blue colour and really likes these shoes so we are hoping she will become motivated to run in them. Also she likes to wear them casually as she likes to dress up to go out or to attend functions. ... read more

Bootneck, The Midlands in the UK. go to product
Duramo 7 Shoes Our son loves his Duramo 7 trainers
September 22 2015

Our 9 year old son wanted some cool looking and comfy trainers, he had Duramo 6 and loved them so we got the new ones in black and he hasn't taken them off! He's just started some jogging and says that they are perfect, really good cushioning, great fit and they look fantastic, we wouldn't buy anything else now. ... read more

Cammy2015, Glossop, Derbyshire go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Highly recomended
September 16 2015

I sometimes struggle to get good fitting footwear having slim feet, I like that most of laces are separate to the sock like upper meaning I can tighten them that little extra without distorting the shoe. I use these for multiple activities at the gym and fitness classes and they give me great stability and are super comfortable to wear every time. ... read more

PBSimy, Leicestershire, U.K. go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes adipure 360.3 Grey
September 15 2015

Light weight trainers great for general gym wear. I use them for cardio workout and weight training. Great for squats as they are quite flat. Also used them to play squash and are great as they grip the floor well. True to size bought size 8. Only issue is getting your feet in is a bit tight so you will need loosen the lace quite a bit. Once your feet are in its a nice snug fit. ... read more

Raks2015, Brentwood, UK go to product
Solar Boost Shoes AMAZING
September 14 2015

I just got these shoes in the mail and let me tell you that they are the best. They are so comfortable and great looking. Really recommend them to anyone in general. Love them. (All black ones the the cool ones) ... read more

_sebastianmon_, California go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Best all-around trainers for boxing
September 11 2015

I use these shoes for training for boxing, sometimes with ankle wraps or compression socks. They are the best single all-purpose training shoe I've found for that purpose. The rubber of the sole is low-profile and firm so it doesn't fold when moving side to side; the sole wraps up onto the shoes through the middle for more stability; there is a low profile tread and the forward part of the sole flexes a great deal--all of this is ideal for bending and pivoting characteristic of boxing footwork. The heel is solid and keeps ankle in place, the upper fits like a sock. I can do shorter distance jogging (several kms), sprints, speed rope, etc. in them just as well as any boxing-specific training. I run longer distances in dedicated running shoes and wear Adidas box hogs in the ring as necessity dictates. Suffice to say 65-75% of all my training is in the Adipures. I usually wear a 9.5US in Adidas running shoes, as I like a roomier fit, but for stability in a variety of multi-directional movements I wear a slightly snugger 9US in these shoes--I have a wide foot so the expanding nature of the sock-like upper accommodates for that. They also seem maybe a 1/4 size longer in length than most Adidas. (Note: these 360.3 Adipures have a diamond pattern tread on the bottom which allows for better grip on turf and such surfaces than the previous 360.2 model. I preferred the old tread pattern for boxing but that is for my specific needs; this newer tread is probably more useful in general.) ... read more

MattScott, Canada go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Excellent lifting shoes
September 11 2015

I bought these shoes for leg workouts and they did not disappoint. Well made and a great fit. They help provide a stable base for squats and other leg exercises. Try them for yourself and you will not regret your purchase. ... read more

JohnnyB17, Arvada, CO go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes awesome looking shoe, comfy and trains great
September 10 2015

i bought this shoe because i wanted a stylish, lightweight shoe that was good for the gym and could be versatile when involved in physical activities. so far i have only used it in the gym and it's been great! gotten many compliments on the looks too. i play volleyball and expect this shoe to be great for all round movement and will keep me safe and secure. highly recommend. only thing; it doesn't really show on the images but on the lateral side of the shoe the midsole comes out quite a bit. ... read more

Finnyg, Melbourne, Aus go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Great shoes
September 04 2015

Finally a pair of shoes that fits perfectly to my training needs, In crossfit all the shoes from the other two major brands are super flat , but this ones has the perfect amount of flat but with an extraordinary cushion for when you have to run. ... read more

K Josh, Miami Fl go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Nice comfortable shoes
August 30 2015

Shoes came as per my expectation. Comfortable and nice looking. Although its not related to this particular shoe but generally I have observed Adidas inner soles quality has decreased quite a bit. They have become thinner and less durable since last few years. My one star less is only for the insoles and I hope Adidas will look into providing better insoles. ... read more

BPANDA, Herndon,VA go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes First pair lifting shoes
August 28 2015

I have been looking at buying a pair of lifting shoes for quite awhile. These were on sale so I pulled the trigger. After lifting in Five Fingers, these will take getting use to because of the slight heel lift. Have put them through a few workouts and can say I should have purchased these sooner. Made a big difference in the feel on squats and deadlifts. Sizing was just a little big, but a better sock will help that. Overall very satisfied ... read more

ksmall1998, Indiana go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Stylish trainers
August 26 2015

These are strikingly stylish shoes that would make your feet look good. They are well crafted with a robust feel. I bought two pairs for two of us. Whilst they look great, sizing is quite small - particularly in width. I had to return one of the two pairs as they were too tight. ... read more

LondonSam, London, UK go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Excellent quality and fab service by Adidas
August 24 2015

So pleased with how fast I received these trainers. They are perfect for the lifting element in the crossfit classes that I take. Light on your feet yet supportive in the right places. I will be definatly be recommending them to my clients. ... read more

AJ81, South Wales go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes 100% positive
August 23 2015

This is a very comfortable pair of shoes, very light and made like specially for me! I like them a lot and I strongly recommend them to anyone that needs light sport shoes for training or just walking. ... read more

AlinX, Predeal, RO go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes New Favourite
August 23 2015

I have worn adidas toe shoes almost every day for 4 years (love these shoes) as they fit, literally, like gloves but cannot find new ones. So I have been looking for a good shoe that is wide fitting and lets the foot move naturaly. These shoes do just that! They are as close to toe shoes as I have found with the added benfit of cushioning. I now have 2 pairs as my go to day shoes. These shoes feel like your feet can do what they evolved to do whilst being protected from the hard surfaces that they now have to contend with. Awesome combination! ... read more

CPickles, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Great Shoe
August 12 2015

The shoe is lightweight and so far seems to be durable with everyday use! Whether its weight training, circuits, variety of sports this shoe does the job. I love the low heel, personally I like to be as close to the floor as I can. The style is great to, definitely thinking of getting the same shoe in Black. ... read more

Glennson, Petawawa, Ontario go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes great workout shoe!
August 09 2015

I recommend trying these on in store before purchasing because of the stretching engineered mesh at the toe box makes it for a real comfy sock like feel but provides alot of room. had to go half a size down from my usual size and i'm glad i did because the snug fit it perfect on these. great workout shoe! awesome support the heel lockdown and sides. the only step to go from here of course is to incorporate boost into the midsole in the near future! ... read more

jeffyfernandez, toronto go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Great shoes
August 07 2015

I've been back and forth on getting WL/PL shoes for a couple years and never pulled the trigger because of cost. I found these for about 50% off and scooped them up immediately. They feel great, are solid, and I haven't noticed any shin-angle changes in my squat, dead, snatch, etc. from my previous lifting shoes. Get 'em if you're looking for a great shoe solely for lifting. ... read more

XXLDJ, 'Merica go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Definitely go a half size up
August 06 2015

Bought these shoes at my normal size of 8uk and when I put them on I could not wear them for more than 10 minutes at a time,they were squashing my toes and way too narrow,sent them back free of charge and ordered an 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly,good sturdy shoes,they should greatly improve my squat stubility. ... read more

Gav92, Cavan go to product
Crazy Train Boost Shoes Best Training Shoe, Hands Down...
July 30 2015

Needed a shoe for the Gym, Body Weight Exercises, Boxing, etc. Tried a number of Cross-Fit, Cross-training shoes and found these to provide the best fit, support and comfort of them all. Have only used these shoes for a couple of weeks, but they have not disappointed yet. ... read more

rhardrock, Cleveland, Ohio go to product
Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Well worth it!
July 29 2015

I've had these shoes for two weeks and have used them 5 times since I'm on a three day split. First off, the fitting(everyone's concern). There are so many people stating "too tight" or "small", and I almost thought the same when I received them. Most shoes you slip on and go, but with these you have to cup your ankle, make sure your heel is completely back in the shoe then tie and strap. I wear a 10.5 in all shoes, with exception to running shoes, usually an 11. That said these are not running shoes, so I ordered 10.5 and perfect! My main issue was footing with shoes and slipping to front during hack squats and leg press. Foot moves in shoe on rep 5 or 6 and have to reset to finish set. Kills the momentum and vibe of the set. With these bad boys, no more! So that knocks out fitting and reason I wanted them. For the price these are a must anyone serious about their leg days. Secondly and overall, placement, depth, comfort, and peace of mind knowing these are going to be with you until you either upgrade to Adipower's, stop going to the gym, or some random disaster. Great buy, don't doubt size, and most of all TRAIN HARD!! And like CJ would say, "BUY 30!" ... read more

xnick.gx, Seminole, TX go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes dopest
July 19 2015

overall most comfortablist, crazy, outerspace bananas to have happened to my feet in this lifetime. I feel like a space ninja astronaut floating on clouds of pure dreams, whenever i become one with these fabulous sneaks. ... read more

billypeace, charon go to product
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