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Blue • Football • Shoes

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adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Men's Football
$ 120
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adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Men's Football
$ 120
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Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Men's Football
$ 110
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Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Men's Football
$ 110
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Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Mid Cleats Men's Football
$ 110
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Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Mid Cleats Men's Football
$ 110
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11 reviews
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Great except...
April 21 2015

There is only one problem with this clear. Adidas needs to make it in solid colors. A solid black, a solid grey, a solid white, etc just like the original Adidas 5 star 4.0's. Just make them in every color they make of the 4.0's I not just make them in those basic colors please. I need these cleats to match my uniform. ... read more

Jus, Louisiana, USA go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats They're perfect but ...
March 28 2015

they are the best cleats iv'e ever had but I wish they would have more simple, solid, colorways. An all navy and white pair or an all red pair without the weird secondary colors. I need my cleats to match my Highschool uniform, so i can look "LOUD", BUT presentable on the field. Please do something about it ! ... read more

SWAGGYC, VIRGINIA go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Great for everything
March 26 2015

I'm a wide receiver and DB and I love these shoe. They are great at changing directions. Very light but also strongly built. they do however take alittle time to break in and adjust to your foot but that's expected. I also ran my fastest 40 time ever in these shoes. Lastly they look amazing, even better in person. ... read more

Thomas357335, United States go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Cleat plate pulls away from the shoe
May 12 2015

The fit and feel are great - but the cleats are starting to pull away from the shoe upper after just a few wearings. I'm hoping this is just a defective pair and that Adidas will replace them - if not, they're obviously not worth the money. I purchased them online, so sending them back is a bit of a hassle and it takes about three weeks for a response - so having a back up pair of cleats is necessary. ... read more

LAWideReceiver, Los Angeles, CA go to product
Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Best low cleat I have ever had on my feet
July 20 2015

I was a little nervous about first getting these because they looked like they had no support at all. This was totally not a problem at all. These really Hugged your feet and gave you all the support you could ever want from a low cleat. The traction was as well amazing. Same w the lockdown and barefoot like shoes shoe weight. The only and I mean only problem w these is the insole. The insole gave me foot pain and didn't perform the way it should. That's the only reason these got 4 stars instead of 5. But it's an easy fix, just slip a new insole in and your good to go. I put in an under armour micro g insole and that did the job. Just about any other insole would work. Other than that, this has been one of my favorite cleats to do anything in. Weather it's offense or defense, these get the job done and more. These turn heads and perform great. Recommend them to any skill player, exspeicaly DB's and receivers. ... read more

Monstr, Houston,TX go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Nice, But Be Wary Of The Size
May 13 2015

I've been in love with adidas ever since the 3.0 breakout amongst athletes. These cleats are visually great and the new sole pattern seems like a great improvement, especially for me because I am a shifty east/west runner. However, I didn't get to test these cleats much because the cleats ended up being way too big. I brought my backup cleats (3.0) and put one of each cleat on. I wear 11.5. My toe was at the end of the 3.0's, but with these, I had more than a thumb's distance to the toe. I double checked the size and everything to make sure I didn't order the wrong size. I don't know why they were so big. I also have a pair of adidas soccer cleats that are 11.5 and fit very similarly to the 3.0's. For whatever reason these 4.0's seem to be huge. I had my buddies around me compare where my toe was in each cleat and they all agreed the 4.0 was way bigger than they should've been.. So, if you want these cleats, try taking a half size or maybe even a full size down from what you may have had for the 3.0's. Visually they are amazing and all my buddies were a bit jealous. It was a shame I had to send them back. Hopefully I can put in a better review when I get the right sized cleat back on my feet. ... read more

Shady2517, Mooresville, NC go to product
Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats Good cleats
July 15 2015

After reading these reviews I have felt weary of getting these cleats but I still decided to buy them because of how light they are. They have preformed very well into the season but the only reason they get 4 star is because they are very narrow. If yo have wide feet do not get these, instead get the high tops. ... read more

Rehman Maqsodd go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Adizero's
June 30 2015

These Cleats Are Great. I Play DB & These Are The Best Cleats For Changing Direction. But The Only Thing That Adidas Has To Add, Is More Colorways. I Know You Guys Have All Black Already, But Get An All Black , All White But With The Kevlar Plate. ... read more

Myles Autry III, Greenpoint, Brooklyn go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats Ok But Quality Lacking
June 16 2015

I brought these cleats for my 14 year old son...who used them at a football camp. He likes them, but the stripes started peeling off after the first use. I could'nt return them because he got them signed by Devin and Jason McCourty on the last day of the camp. The stripes are cosmetic but I expected better quality considering the price of the shoe. ... read more

Mark - NJ, NJ go to product
adizero 5-Star 4.0 Pro Cleats greastest decision ever !!!!
April 24 2015

the shoes all around are amazing they provide good support just wish they offered a lil more ankle support but other then that there golden man , i cut like a god now ,had to buy two pairs home away . it takes a week or so to break them in . ... read more

tberry, texas,us go to product
Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats My experience with this product
August 12 2015

I'm a junior in high school and I've played football since I was 5 years old. My dad has always strived to buy me the best equipment, so I would perform at my highest level. I have worn adizeros' for three years now and have never had one problem out of them. My first pair, I've had since freshman year just now blew out but I taped them up and it was back to grind. Since my first pair, I have bought three more pairs of adizeros, and will wear adidas until I no longer play the game. ... read more

98kayne, Tennessee, U.S.A. go to product
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