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Blue • Boost

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Ultra Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 180
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Pure Boost Chill Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 130
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Supernova Glide 7 Boost Shoes Women's Running
$ 130
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Solar Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 100
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pure boost 2 m Men's Running
$ 120
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Pure Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Energy Boost Icon Cleats Men's Baseball
$ 120
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Energy Boost Icon Cleats Men's Baseball
$ 120
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Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 140
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Response Boost 2.0 Shoes Men's Running
$ 100
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Climachill Rocket Boost Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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Dorado ADV Boost Shoes Men's Originals
$ 100
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adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes Men's Running
$ 120
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ZX 8000 Boost Shoes Men's Originals
$ 111.99 $ 140
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438 reviews
2015 Crazylight Boost Primeknit Shoes Just plain fun
July 10 2015

I didn't like last year's Crazy Light Boost bc of the traction and terrible forefoot cushioning. Adidas addresses both those issues with an awesome traction pattern as well as increasing the foam in the forefoot. The shoe really feels like a running shoe but made for hoops. Primeknit is fantastic and has a nice little skeleton inside the upper for extra Support. Boost as always is awesome and really makes the shoe stand out IMO. I bought my normal sz 11 and these fit perfectly. Great job Adidas ! ... read more

Schwollo1 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Fast shoe, goed fit, excessive wear
February 15 2015

I did 3 runs with the Ultra boost so far. The first was a 12k in which I set a new personal best without even trying to run fast. The second was a 12k I ran at a pace of 5 minutes per k ( 8 minutes mile) and my heart reate was way lower than normal at that speed. Today i did a 26k run and the pace was good. The shoe fits well. After having run only 50k with these shoes, I find that the wear is excessive. Some of the nobs are already completely gone. Compared with the other boost shoes I've had the wear is excessive. That's the only issue I have with this shoe. If Adidas can fix the wear issue, they have a real winner here. For the price they cost, this will turn out to be an expensive shoe, because i don't see myself getting the same mileage out of these shoes. ... read more

Patrick67, Belgium go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Huge Flaw?
March 02 2015

I have done three runs in these shoes a five mile, seven mile then on Saturday nineteen miles - Shoes are really nicely cushioned. I went down by half a size from original adidas boost. I bought two pairs 10.5 and 11 and took them on and off so better than buying from a running shop to dither but these are better to be close fitting. Bit heavier and less speedy than previous models. I had a sore toe before the run due to a black nail but ran for 3 hours and it was fine. The uppers are great. Lovely cushioning great for my sore Achilles and no problems after 19 mile long run so fantastic for a marathon. But .... the outsole is worn after just 30 miles - the pimples are down to nothing - is the rubber too soft - I'm concerned they wont last 100 miles. I have attached photo which shows some of the slightly worn pimples and some have worn to be flat - is this a major flaw if so adidas will get a lot of returns ... read more

TimmyMac, Norwich England go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Besting the best?
February 07 2015

A couple of things to mention, I love the Energy Boost, I love the Adios Boost. One of the things I love about Energy Boost is that first 200 meters when you set off and it feels like you are just floating compared to other shoes. When I saw the release of the Ultra Boost and the opportunity to place a pre-release order I knew I would buy them. Have run a couple of times in them now, 7mi and 8mi. Today was a 6'49" steady run. First thing was early pace surprised me, started up a big hill and Ultra Boosts made sub 7 uphill feel relatively easy. Boosts seem to suit my stride as in them it really flows and feels very smooth, U Boosts are no different in this respect. Have also found them better than Energy Boost at minimising soreness after the run. E Boosts were good in this respect but U Boost seems even better. The shoe feels totally neutral, even more so than the E Boost. Today was a light mist and ground slightly greasy, but grip of new Boosts was never really in question. As is mentioned in the PR materials, the upper is really special. It literally does fit like a glove. In E Boost I went a 1/2 size up to UK11, but in U Boost 10.5 fits me perfectly. Due mainly to the stretch of the Primeknit. I think the 1/2 size up would have been too big for me. In Adios Boost I also take 10.5, so if you have Adios Boost the same size in U Boost is fine. I guess looks are a personal preference, but my last E Boosts were Black with red inner, so for me the initial release of U Boost in Black with the blue heel cup would be my first choice in any case. They do look really nice! To summarise, I am really happy with the shoe so far, it feels fast, protects my legs even better than E Boost, fits like a glove, grips really well and looks better than the other 19 or so shoes in my collection! ... read more

theriddller, Stevenage, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Didn't want to believe the hype but....
March 02 2015

First, this shoe is amazing. Im an ex-collegiate T&F athlete with a neutral gate and forefoot-midfoot runner. I'm approx 200lbs, and need a cushioned ride. I've been looking forever for a shoe with enough fore-mid foot cushioning for the heavier, neutral runner and I feel as though everything is focused on Heel cushioning these days but this is amazing for the mid-forefoot striker! Extremely cushioned and soft yet responsive, feels great on the foot, needed two days to break the shoe in, and no injuries since I've had them. You don't want to take these babies off, believe the hype. I almost missed out on a great shoe. ... read more

J-Jax, NJ go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Perfection in a shoe
March 05 2015

Pure Boost 2.0's? It is pure perfection. I have bought and worn many many shoes. I have owned the Nike Roshe's and worn them out. I wanted a new casual but comfortable shoe to wear on an everyday basis. Light and comfortable are understatements for this Adidas shoe. You barely notice you are wearing a shoe and as soon as you take a step, it feels as if there is a cloud under your foot. For a littler more money, I would definitely buy the Pure Boost 2.0's over the Roshe's. Due to Adidas trying to reduce the weight as much as possible, there is not much lateral stability. I wouldn't recommed running in these. (These should be in the Casual section) The Boost Cushioning is phenomenal. The upper is breathable and lightweight. Definitely order these. (I received mine in about 2/3 business days even with the basic free shipping, great service) ... read more

The Shoe Reviewer go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Most comfortable shoes ever
March 01 2015

The Pure Boost is the most comfortable pair of shoes i've ever worn. The boost feels incredible and upper just feels like i'm wearing a pair of slippers. Without the torsion system the boost is incredibly flexible and this helps a lot in making the shoe as comfortable as it is. The only thing that i would change is to add a couple more lace holes. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Energy Boost ESM Shoes Simply amazing!! Revolutionary
February 05 2015

I don't typically reach out to a company to tell them how I feel about their product unless I have a poor experience with them. Due to how awesome these things are, I felt compelled to contact you about my experience, which has been nothing short of revolutionary. Profile: 42 M Runner for 4 years. 30-40 miles a week, completed marathon. Run half marathon distance most every weekend. I have run in Brooks Glycerin for a couple of years now and have been pretty happy. I moved to them after starting with Mizuno Wave Rider after experiencing a lot of pain in my knees that just didn’t go away. An acquaintance of mine recommended Adidas Boost. I researched them a bit before taking the plunge. I am VERY happy with them. Actually, I am ecstatic! I’ve run in them for 3 weeks now and the claims made are all legit. I rarely run 3 days in a row due to fatigue and soreness in knees, hips, and hamstring. I get none of that with these. I feel like I am being propelled while I run. The cushioning is superb; so much so that I almost feel like I am cheating when I run. They give me an advantage and I run a lot faster with them. During my regular runs during the week I go about 7-9 miles 3-4x a week before my longer run on the weekends. My pace is significantly faster. This may seem like a crazy claim, but it is absolutely true. I typically run at a 9:30 pace. I am averaging 8:40 – 8:45 on my runs now and am not pushing any harder than I did before. Additionally, the soreness I would typically get upon completion is not there. It is simply amazing! I am 100% sold on these shoes and will never be going back to the Glycerin. The difference isn’t small; it is significant. The shoes are especially helpful on the hills. Before I would slow to a snail’s pace on hills to conserve energy required to climb. When you strike on your heal in these things, you get a great bounce and will use much less energy than before. It is awesome. I feel like a fine tuned machine running in the Boost and enjoy my runs more due to less fatigue, less soreness/pain, more cushioning, and faster times. I feel sorry for neutral runners who have not discovered these shoes. I expect to improve my marathon time significantly and avoid the “bonk” in the later miles I experienced in my last marathon. These are expensive shoes, but I would gladly pay double what the Glycerin cost based on their performance and my experience with them thusfar. If my former self as a Glycerin user ran against me now, he wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping up. The only drawbacks to the shoe that I see: 1) They are narrow. I have narrow feet, so that is fine, but they will fit snug for someone that doesn’t have narrow feet. 2) Lacing them up is different than Brooks; it takes a little more work due to the way it is designed. 3) The tongue isn’t long enough. When lacing them up, you have to be sure to get the laces over the tongue, which tends to slide under the laces. 4) Toe box isn’t very roomy. I do miss that about the Glycerin. I hope this is a modification they make in the future. These drawbacks are minor and the only one that I really would like see changed in the toebox. Outside of that, the ride of this shoe is superb. If you are a neutral runner, I would 1000% recommend these shoes. I was a little hesitant at first given that Adidas isn’t exactly known for their distance running gear, but man was I wrong! You will feel more refreshed, have better endurance and less pain. You will not regret trying these shoes. Absolutely revolutionary as far as I am concerned. ... read more

kylebarton, Boerne, TX USA go to product
2015 Crazylight Boost Primeknit Shoes like wearing nothing!!
July 15 2015

This shoe is one of the most comfortable pair of basketball sneakers currently. If you like the on court feel.. this shoe has it! If you like great court traction.. got it!! If you like the comfort of a sock while having great support and heel lockdown.. Go get this shoe!! You will not be disappointed!!.. unless you do not like low tops. ... read more

ELDREAD, Bridgetown go to product
June 03 2014

I work on concrete floors all day, walking close to 5 miles a day. These shoes are like walking on beds of squishy marshmallow wonderment. I am sure if i round housed someone in the face with these on, they would thank me for the soft, gentle embrace of encouragement the sole of this shoe provides. Four of my co- workers have made the same investment in their soles! 3 X45 degrees for life! ... read more

tribe665, Omaha, NE, USA go to product
Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes marathon runners
April 27 2015

i really enjoy the boost technology !!! these are good for me because they almost have a 0 drop and since I am a mid-foot strike runner , my natural stride feels really comfortable and with the boost this shoe feels really good, this model is great for my style. I wish the toe box would be bit wider, but the shoe body mesh is incredible and it is super comfortable on the foot and toes. I really like how the shoe hugs around the heel and bottom part of the ankle and the body of the shoe hugs well around the foot, so no slipping . I wonder how they'll fair at track practice, maybe that will be another review. ... read more

26.2milesinmybrain, California, USA go to product
Energy Boost ESM Shoes Marathon Worthy!!!
April 29 2015

I am 44 and have never felt the need nor wanted to ever write a review for a product. I got a wild notion to run a marathon so I purchased these shoes based on a random review I read. They are by far the most comfortable running shoes I have ever owned. So much so I immediately purchased another pair (not that my current were worn out, but in case they were out of stock). The fit was perfect, they are very comfortable, they seem to absorb the impact from running on concrete, and they are stylish! I have nothing negative to say about them…they allowed me to remain blister and shin splints free through my training and completion of a the OKC memorial marathon! ... read more

JBeckwith, Wichita, KS go to product
Pure Boost 2.0 Shoes Best pair of shoes ever
April 10 2015

ok, well i picked up a brand new pair of shoes for $160, first impressions were good, the look of them is amazing, i got the black ones because they look CRAZY!! they're the best shoes i have bought and without a doubt i would recommend them to a friend! they're comfortable like walking on pillows, although I would not recommend them for running, maybe grass and road running but no crazy stuff. the support is there, the comfort is there and the look is there. BUY THEM!! BOOST IS AMAZING!!!!! ... read more

minchy, Perth, Australia go to product
Pure Boost Shoes I couldn't be more impressed...
May 21 2014

I never thought I'd love a pair of shoes so much but these shoes are something special. Initially I felt they were a bit odd and different, not in a bad way but something I wasn't used to. I really enjoyed the light weight and how incredibly comfortable they were. I love being able to wear them without socks and my feet are very comfortable. The first two days I was only walking in them around work but.. The magic happened when I finally went for a run. I wore minimalist running shoes before and the pure boost are on a completely different level. I could run longer, harder, and faster. I felt the shoe gave an incredible amount of support and comfort which most minimalist shoes don't seem to offer. My running shoes are now my every day shoes and I couldn't be more satisfied. ... read more

johhhn go to product
Pure Boost Shoes Amazing Shoe, just need larger sizes
June 07 2014

This is probably the best shoe i have ever tried on. It is too bad this shoe runs small and the biggest size available is 12.5...I wear a 12 usually but since these run small i tried a 12.5 they were extremely comfortable but still small..probably the most comfortable shoe i have ever put on. Adidas you have created a god like shoe; however, its too small...please make a larger size. Would be a five star from me but you don't make a large enough shoe for me. It would be amazing if i could fully experience these shoes. Please make a size 13. With all respects, Jrob8 ... read more

Jrob8, Ashland, OR 97520, USA go to product
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