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Black • Sport • Climaproof

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Reviews for: Black Sport Climaproof

179 reviews
GSG-9.2 High Boots Perfect
November 26 2015

I bought these for work, they are honestly the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. I've always used magnums in that past, but these are ten fold better. Instantly comfortable without the need to break them in too. Now comfortable than my trainers in fact. Wholly recommended! ... read more

DaveC86, Worcester go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Comfortable
November 08 2015

I can't review on long term use, as I used it only one week. The shoe is super comfy , it's breathable so you don't overheat. The top covering the ankle is a bit bulkier than expected but overall a nice looking shoe. ... read more

leozuk, uk go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Looks Rugged
October 26 2015

I have not yet worn the boots for more than a few days but count on using them everyday in the Winter. They look and feel rugged and up for the task. They run small and narrow. I had to return and order a half size larger then my usual shoe size. The ordering process was easy and delivery was fast. ... read more

NickMtl go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best duty boot so far
October 21 2015

It took about 20-30 hours of use before they really broke in. They were almost painful at the beginning (normal break in), but now they are amazing. The gore-tex works, and the leather polishes up great. These are very light for what you get and they are flexible too. My Danners are currently sitting in the corner collecting dust. If you can re-sole these boots I'll definitely keep them for a while. I went away from the GSG9's because I thought these might be too clunky...however I was wrong. Both myself and my feet are happy with this purchase. ... read more

CMHII, Raleigh, NC go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best boots ever
October 04 2015

great quality. durable and still light and breathable. just be aware of size. I am usually 8.5 but I had to go with 9.5 for this one... my right foot still feel a bit tight but acceptable... as long as you got the size right, this is the best boots to use anytime anywhere ... read more

hanewind go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Recommended
October 01 2015

I have relatively narrow size 11 feet (I never have to size up or down), and these boots fit me perfectly. They're also surprisingly light weight. I love the way they look on me, too. However, I've only had these boots for a few weeks. It remains to be seen how long they'll last over the long term. ... read more

smyers, Toronto go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Are good
September 28 2015

I am former military, and I have used a lot of "boots looking" shoes. I took this model for a hiking second day I received them and it is a rare model that does not harm my foot during first use. The weight is little more than running shoes. ... read more

Oleks, Montreal go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Very GOOD purchase
June 23 2015

Awesome boots, comfortable, lightweight, they do run a little small like all adidas shoes, you may need get a half size bigger.The only thing missing on these boots are the lace up clamps like you see on military boots the last 4 or 5 lace holes are clamps for easier lace up. ... read more

TjsMyName, California, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Super comfy
June 22 2015

As a swedish police officer I encounter very various weather conditions. These boots keeps me warm and dry most of the year. It's just during January and February I need something warmer. These boots even excel my meindl performance in comfort. ... read more

Thestroyer, Sweden go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Quality Pair of Boots
May 21 2015

As someone who spends a significant amount of time on their feet in the private security industry, there are a few factors that come into play before making a decision on a pair of work boots. Namely, fit and comfort; weight, durability, and of course overall presentation. In terms of fit and comfort these boots are phenomenal. There is plenty of support in the ankles without unwanted restrictions in movement and the foot feels cushioned within the boot. As some other reviewers have mentioned previously, the GSG 9.2’s act more like a pair of runners than duty boots, remaining comfortable even after being on your feet in excess of sixteen hours. It should be mentioned that with regards to the fitting of these boots, they are relatively narrow. If you have wider than average feet, then it is likely that much of the comfort present in these boots will be compromised. In addition, it is strongly recommended to order a half size larger than you normally would for everyday shoes or runners. I personally wear size 9 shoes in most circumstances, and with size 9.5 GSG’s I have a perfect fit with just enough room for thicker socks when winter approaches. It is difficult to speak to the durability of these boots, as I have owned them for roughly a month. So far, then show no signs of any wear and still look fresh out of the box. My only concern comes from the shoelace eyelets being simple holes in the boots, and not having any immediately apparent reinforcement. While they are certainly thick, they may not last quite as long as metal ones. Hopefully my concerns are misplaced and these boots withstand the test of time like every other pair of Adidas shoes I have had the pleasure of wearing. The presentation of the GSG 9.2’s is a good balance between tough-looking ‘tacticool’ and more formal dress boot. This makes them, in my opinion, ideal for security and law enforcement personnel who need to maintain a professional appearance to a certain degree. These boots also seem to polish up nicely, so any scuffs that one might get can easily be buffed out, making maintenance of said professional appearance a simple task. The only way these boot could look any better would be if they were entirely made of full-grain leather as opposed to their mostly synthetic composition, which still looks relatively good. Overall, these boot are a great buy and are easily recommendable to anyone looking for a comfortable and lightweight boot. ... read more

Wolfhound, Edmonton go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Great Boots!
March 23 2015

I did the usual internet search for reviews on the many brands/styles of boots on the market and choose the gsg boot. My need was based on very long periods of standing on concrete floors. These boots were PERFECT! I only knew I had them on when I first put them on. After that they did their job very well! They are lightweight, well cushioned, excellent support around the ankle, dry, warm and most of leg fatigue from standing. They also dress up well when cleaned and polished. The feedback about not being easy to put on or take off is true. Trust me that will only be a problem if you are taking them off and putting them on all day....who does that? I followed other reviews and bought them a 1/2 size larger and that proved to be a good move. I may buy another pair, just in case I can't find them again. ... read more

Laydbug56, United States go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best boots I have ever bought
March 05 2015

I have been working in Military/Law Enforcement for 25 years and these are the best boots I have ever bought. I have had my current pair for 5 years and they are still going strong. Light, breathable and amazingly comfortable. Have used them in all four seasons with no complaints. I highly recommend these boots. ... read more

6655321, Hamilton ON go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots EXCELLENT!!!!
January 28 2015

This is my second pair of boots I am buying for my work. I am a security guard and I walk a LOT!!! My last pair lasted almost 10 years through harsh Alaskan weather. I highly recommend there boots to everybody! Thank you. ... read more

Zomba Fett, Anchorage, Alaska, USA go to product
Hiking Wandertag Jacket Great rain jacket
January 25 2015

I live in the very rainy PNW, and needed a jacket to battle the wind and rain. This thing is awesome! I tested it out during a downpour for about 20 minutes and I was still dry. Fits a little big, but perfect for wearing over a hoodie, and it looks and feels great. ... read more

Zoso Savage, Battle Ground, WA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots best boots I've ever found
November 21 2014

I've worn tactical boots for 10 years and done by fair share of asking people and googling and the gag9.2 is the best boot i have ever worn. It fits and feels like a well made running shoe and has more grip than it probably should have. Not much else to say about it, it's a high quality boot build properly by a company that knows shoes. ... read more

spicymeats, canada go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Dog walking boots
November 16 2014

Brilliant boot for my 10 miles of dog walking a day. Bit disappointed when they arrived as the stitching on the toe of the left boot is not perfect and the leather is pinched. I thought wearing the boots would correct the kink in the boot, I was wrong. I would highly recommend this boot, I also highly recommend that you check the stitching and return them immediately if any defect is found. ... read more

Nimbles, North of England go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Excellent Boot
July 29 2014

I bought these boots for general wear and for work. These are the most comfortable boots I've owned. They are fully waterproof and the quality is excellent. They are slightly snug, I'm 10 normally but I bought 10.5 and they are fine leaving some room for thicker socks, although I haven't found the need to put thicker socks on yet. I spend hours on my feet and need to be able to move quickly, these have proven the perfect boot. I agree with another reviewer, don't expect to take them off or put them on quick. ... read more

Joggerpete, London UK go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Great tactical boot
April 11 2014

I've had my GSG-9. 2 boots for about 2 weeks now. They fit perfect! I would like to see a zipper added to the boots. I wear them in the field while serving arrest warrants and serving search warrants. ... read more

Chief Inv Nate, Durant, OK, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Best Boot Ever !!
March 16 2014

As federal agent that has worked out in the field in rough terrain for 26 years. These are the best boots I have ever had . I have used many different types and.styles but these have really held up to the challenge. This is the third pair i have owned because they are stylish, comfortable and give great ankle support. Gotta try them! Only draw back my local Adidas stores do not stock them, so I order online. ... read more

k9rambo, Harlingen, TX, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Excellent Boot
March 12 2014

I have used a lot of boots to work patrol and the Adidas GSG 9.2 is by far the best. Everywhere I have used the boot either in the summer or the spring I have found them to be comfortable throughout my shift and beyond. I have have my first one for about six years and it's still good with no sign of falling apart. I mean six rough years of walking the beat even using them to compete in the Lowell, MA Winterfest human dog sled. The boot overall is durable and built to last for as long as you take care of it. I have recommended the GSG 9.2 to several colleagues and they love it Thank You Adidas just make a wide version for wide Feet folks! ... read more

kwodjo, ma go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots GSG-9.2 High Boots
February 26 2014

These boots are in general a great pair of boots! At first try I noticed immediately that are NOT "true to size", you might want to order 1-1 1/2 size bigger than your actual size depending on weather your feet are wide or regular. I have been wearing them for a week now, and they do loosen-up and will widen after your feet after a day or two and they feel much better. They are somewhat spacy in the heel area which gives you the sensation that your foot lifts from the boot, that could be me heels being narrow and solved with "heel snugs", I just don't normally have that issue with other similar boots. But, they are very comfortable once they adjust to your feet and are worn-in properly. They are light-weight and feel like sneakers once you find your fit, the treads are amazing and gives you a confident grip, they go through water and mud without wetting your feet, as any other boot you will get warm feet but so far they take care of odors quite well, however, that should not be an excuse not to care for them with odor/mold spray. I am just curious to find out how well they will be doing with polish/leather care products, I have had issues with the leather soften up and crack on other boots even with products especially made for the purpose of caring for tactical boots. If that works out fine, this will be the boot I will continuously purchasing and it will come in first place before my loved Magnum Cobra 8.0 boots, that had that very issue but still one of my better boots I have ever worn and so far the Adidas are doing the job very well. ... read more

patrolofficer, Los Angeles, CA, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Most comfortable boots I've ever worn
January 22 2014

Simply put, these are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. I'm a Correctional Officer with TDCJ and my unit is short-staffed so we work mandatory overtime 6 days on / 2 off @ 12 hour shifts. Hence, I'm on my feet A LOT, and I've went thru more than 6 different manufacturers to find the right boot for me, and with these I've finally found them. I'm odd in that I'm true-to-size for both feet and my feet are also a narrow width and these fit perfectly. For those of you not true-to-size or wide width, I'd recommend going 1/2 size up. I do agree with other coments in that the insoles could be better and the laces aren't up to snuff for a tactical boot; both of these issues are easily remedied though. I do wish they had side-zips though and I may have a boot store add them for me (have one here that'll do it for $30 each boot). Otherwise, if you're looking for a great pair of boots and like me you've searched high and low for the best, then look no further, these are IT. ... read more

Lubbock, TX, USA go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots
January 16 2014

As a K9 Handler I am on the go all day long. I just purchased my second pair of GSG 9.2 high boots. They are very light weight and flexible while offering great ankle stability. They fit true to size, have good arch support and are truly waterproof. They're ready to wear right out of the box, requiring no break in phase. The only thing keeping from giving them a rating of "excellent" is that the tabs for the shoe laces have a tendency to break and require repair. This product would be greatly improved simply by making metal grommets for the laces. ... read more

esme108, Cordova, TN go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots really good
January 14 2014

Just what I expected, except a little warmer than I thought--doesn't seem very breathable and in weather much above freezing, might be too warm. Definitely a narrow shoe but that's fine for me. Seems a little longer than true-to-size, but this is the case for Nike as well. I take a 12 in both Adidas and Nike shoes and the 12 is perfect here too, perhaps just slightly larger than running shoes--large enough to allow for medium wool socks. It usually take an 11.5 in dress shoes. ... read more

jterran, Massachusetts go to product
GSG-9.2 High Boots Great Boot!
October 16 2013

I live in the great state of Colorado and oddly enough own no cold weather foot wear. I needed something that would match with my uniform and would keep my feet warm in the winter months. This boot seemed high priced but once I put it on it was all worth it. It's by far the most comfortable, warm boot I've warn. Glad I bought it! ... read more

Cblay, Denver go to product
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