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Black • Snowboarding

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Reviews for: Black Snowboarding

10 reviews
The Blauvelt Boots Awesome Boots!
November 04 2015

I've been rocking the Burton Ion boots for a couple of years now, and I decided to try these out. The overall feel is similar to the Ion, but the Blauvelts are a quarter of the weight. The heel is locked down well, and the liner quickly forms to your feet. These boots are a little taller than most snowboard boots (e.g.: ThirtyTwo, Nike, etc.), but a quarter of an inch shorter than the Burton Ions. The speed-lace system is a little less smooth than the Burton ones and require more manual adjustments. The lace locking system also needs to be double checked sometimes. I've flexed it around with my park board for about an hour, and there have been no lace-breaking issues that I've read about on reviews for last year's boots. The leather tends to crease around the ankle after some walking, but they don't become an issue when you're locked into bindings. Although these boots have "adiprene" for cushioning, They aren't comparable to most other boots because the layer is extremely thin (you're very close to the ground). The Continental Rubber is amazing and very grippy. The Liner is a bit tough to pull out, mostly because of the weird cinch arrangement around the liner. If you're looking for a boot that is lighter, easier to walk in, and a little more flexible than the Burton Ion, this is for you! ... read more

ecccc, California go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots underrated boot!
February 23 2015

adidas prides itself in being light, yes even boots! well at least this one. the box i got was an adidas originals with (skateboarding) in brackets so it could be the reason why they're also incredibly light. surprisingly comfortable and removable insoles so you could swap for even more comfy or special insoles. ... read more

jeffyfernandez, toronto go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Perfect Fit
January 29 2015

I was skeptical at first because there are mixed reviews on them. However, these boots are warm and comfortable. They look good with almost anything I wear. I will be wearing these primarily from now on. ... read more

MhTailia go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Love them
January 22 2015

Baught these instead of timberlands and love them even more than I thought. Well made and sturdy, with a slight tight fit but nothing that hurts, if anything makes your feel feel comfier. Totally happy with this product. :) ... read more

Steggz, Manchester go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Jake top boot just class
January 17 2015

Had these 2 weeks now being a trainer wearer high top boots have taken a bit of getting use too but from the off they feel like a Trab it's just the high top that feels strange but after a couple of hours you don't notice it They look great feel great if you can get them I recommend you do ... read more

robbie2007, Liverpool go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Adidas Jake Blauvelt
January 07 2015

I have been searching for boots that are warm and been through many more expensive pairs and not yet found them. These boots however, are extremely warm when worn with thermal socks - just wish you had the black ones in my size! They were instantly comfortable and I am really pleased with them. ... read more

Greg1973, London go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Smart Fall/Spring Boot
January 06 2015

Classic styled boot with subtle details make this ideal for sprucing up smart-casual wear. The gold grid between the toe and heel as the side of the sole, the de-bossed three-stripes and gold foil logo make for a clean-sophisticated look. As well as looking good, the boot is sturdy, a strong grip and solid sole - it'll keep you warm out in the cold, but just make sure you don't get any moisture on the boot anywhere above the sole as it'll likely absorb and possibly seep in. This is Fall / Spring boot for sure, and a mighty fine one at that. Only draw back I'd say is the flimsy tongue, which is not padded or lined, so scrunches up a bit if you're not careful while putting it on or putting it away back in the box. ... read more

MMAmnc go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Most comfortable boots I've ever bought
January 03 2015

I initially liked the look of these boots because of their sole as it's got the look of my all time favourite Adidas marathon TR. I haven't been disappointed in any aspect of the Jake boots in any way at all. I usually wear Adidas trainers every day of the week as no other brand compares in my opinion. You cannot beat the three stripes for comfort or style. Since I bought my boots I have only wore my trainers to the gym as the boots are in every way as comfortable as my trainers. Definitely my best footwear buy this year. ... read more

DDMk71, Milton keynes, UK go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Brilliant footwear
December 06 2014

As a brand Adidas has upped its game and these are testament to that. They are very comfy and look better in real life, the pictures do not do them justice. One small complaint is the tongue, it's not as think as you are made to believe and trimmed with loose "fly away" leather. ... read more

Irie, Nottingham, UK go to product
Jake 2.0 Boots Awesome boot, not actually waterproof.
October 22 2014

I just got these boots for the winter season in the Pacific Northwest. I figured they would be perfect for frequent trips to the mountains and mobbing around the city in the rain. They are super comfortable and I dig the style. Jake's style on a snowboard is super on point, so is the style of these boots. However, I was expecting them to be much more water resistant than they actually are. I rode my bike through a downpour this morning and they are absolutely soaked through (and not quick to dry out). I still love the boots, and I'm planning to waterproof them with beeswax or something, although I'm not sure what to use on the suede. Just a heads up for those who think they are actually waterproof. Otherwise, dope boots. ... read more

e21, Seattle, WA go to product
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