“Your fitness journey is just that - a journey. You’re going to start over many times. The point is that you just start. You get second chances in creating yourself and your body. Take that opportunity.”

Ally Love is a model, host, business owner, fitness guru and commercial dancer. Is there anything this girl doesn’t do? Doubt it.

So how does she do it all? “There is no such thing as a normal day in my life. Every day is completely different and that’s basically how I’ve structured my life. I’m a part of the slash generation. I have a number of jobs. I keep myself completely busy and emerged in all different things. In sports, in fitness, writing and being a model.” IMAGE - GLP_Article_Secondary_Bio_ALLY_360x360_1

But before she did it all there was a defining moment that might have kept her from doing anything at all. “When I was 9 years old I got hit by a car. Broke my left femur and almost died. A year after recovering and home schooling I went into an afterschool program for dance.” It’s at that dance studio where she found her calling and set off a chain reaction for her to dance her way to every corner of success. “From there I eventually became a dancer, moved to New York City, got into Fordham University, and studied with various ballet companies. Then I parlayed that into fitness.” And the rest is history.

So she’s super busy, works out and has tons of momentum on her side, but where do you start? “Remember that it’s a journey. You’re going to have to start over many times. The point is that you just start. Once you get going, and no matter when you stop, you’ll always have an opportunity to start again.” GLP_Article_Secondary_Bio_TORI_360x360_2

She also references the adidas soccer tagline, “first never follows,” by saying, “be the first to start over again. Be the first to do it 100 times. Be the first to try something new. Be the first to do something that has never been done. And go for it.”

She finishes by saying it’s not just about you. It’s about having a good support system around you, too. “Find women or men that allow you to be better. Or that encourage you to be better. Because it’s possible. You can do it.”