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Little Performers

Little Performers

Off to a great start

As a parent, your child’s health comes second to none. It is for us, too. At adidas, we are committed to the lifelong care of your little ones’ feet – from crawling, walking, jumping and running to fulfilling their biggest dreams.

The first step to healthy feet

We count on our feet to carry us throughout our lives. So proper development is essential. While going barefoot is best, it’s rarely possible in today’s environment. And finding the correct shoes for your child’s various development stages can be a difficult task. Did you know that 70 % of foot problems come from wearing the wrong shoes? And the majority is already caused during childhood? So it is important to make your child’s first steps healthy ones. That’s why our footwear specialists have teamed-up with medical experts to understand the best ways to support a healthy foot development.

Doctor Recommended

Prof. Dr. Markus Walther is the Medical Director of the Center for Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Schön Klinik, München Harlaching and Vice Chairman of the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence, Munich. With his help, adidas continues to perfect ways to ensure healthy foot development for happy, active lives to come.

Did you know?

Experts say a child should take at least 10.000 steps a day. By the age of 5, this can add up to a walk from Berlin to Beijing!