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Carlo Traversi Interview


What’s your favorite spot/location to be active

The Mountains.

How do you prepare for a project/contest (info/training/nutrition)?

I strategize and develop a program based on the nature of the project or competition. This usually means mixing a specific gym routine with outdoor climbing and of course eating good, whole foods. With outdoor projects, a huge part of the battle is learning the intricacies of the route/problem as quickly as possible. Time management is key.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

First Ascent of The Kingdom 8C/V15

Second Ascent of The Game 8C/V15

First Ascent of Heritage 8B+/V14

2-Time US Sport Climbing National Champion.

What are your next goals (related to your sport)?

Continue to travel and develop new areas around the world and apply my bouldering strengths to larger objectives.

Who do you look up to, who motivates you?

Real people with honest motivations.

Who is your favorite guy to hang out with/be active with?

I enjoy hanging out and being active with a variety of people. My brother Giovanni will always be my original/favorite climbing partner.

What’s your ‘2nd‘ sport (not only outdoor activities)?

Surfing, Filmmaking and Photography.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

I don’t believe in a “day off”…

What’s your favorite adidas product and why?

Terrex Multi-Pants because I basically live in them. Durable, comfortable, breathable and an overall great climbing pant.

What’s your favorite food?

Hard to specify just one type. I love all food as long as it’s fresh and properly prepared.