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adidas Originals | all in with Undenk

Meet Undenk, one of the most original street art collectives in the world.

Everyone knows Berlin has more street art than pretty much any other city in the world, so meet Undenk, one of the groups at the scene's forefront. Its ten members are putting up some of of the most forward-thinking work around.

In Part 1, we go to Berlin to catch up with three of Undenk's core members - Matthias Povel, and Lukas and Paul Kampfmann. We chat with Berlin street dons Pisa 73 and Christian Rothenhagen to learn how Undenk are perceived by their contemporaries.
Check out more from Undenk in Part 2 of the series, when we head out in the early morning hours to make street art, Undenk-style. We learn more about the crews' careers and join them on a Berlin rooftop, as they sticker and drop knowledge on the future of street art.