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Are you UEFA Champions League level?

miCoach has teamed up with the coach of champions, José Mourinho for the upcoming 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League season. This exclusive collaboration has resulted in a new training program available on miCoach.com. The program will enable young players everywhere to tap into José Mourinho’s incomparable knowledge of how to take great raw talent to the ultimate level. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get trained by the greatest.

José Mourinho is one of only three managers to have led two different clubs to UEFA Champions League victory. Now, thanks to miCoach training plans and miCoach enabled boots, young players from all over the world can up their game in a season, learning from the very best. José Mourinho, more than any other, knows the pressure of playing at the ultimate level in football. He believes that booking big improvements in performance can be achieved by training smart. This means focusing on the right drills at the right time of the season.

That’s why the 2012/2013 season training program has five training phases. The phases are designed around the UEFA Champions League season. And this means keeping up the good work even during winter break:

Phase one: Pre-season conditioning

Phase two: Group stage prep.

Phase three: Winter stage

Phase four: Knock out stage prep.

Phase five: Finals stage prep.

Each of these UEFA Champions League phases will feature José Mourinho’s personally prescribed combination of drills. The drills will include different levels of strength, condition and speed to stretch or sustain your game exactly when needed.

The 2012/2013 season training program kicks off on September 1, 2012 on micoach.com/uclgroup

adidas believes that exclusive miCoach programs like this one will help bring a new generation of talent further, faster. Stats are evidence of how more focused training works. So, look sharp, get your gear and let’s see you and the new generation of future champions on miCoach. Watch out though. This is José Mourinho’s training group and he will be personally checking in to catch the action and keep track of the progress. Join José Mourinho on micoach.com/uclgroup and join the fast lane to UEFA Champions League level.

Download your first pre-game workout righthere.