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Tower Runners - Part 2

Tower Running is exactly what it sounds like – running up staircases in skyscrapers, as fast as possible. In other words, it's totally insane, and amazing. Though still an underground phenomenon propelled by a few extreme fitness addicts, it's a rapidly growing discipline and a perfect response to an increasingly vertical world.

While many tower runners compete in marathons and road races too, it's the additional intensity of sprinting up thousands of stairs that makes tower running so challenging. Measuring steps, adjusting to altitude, fighting vertigo, and enduring searing physical pain are all part of this uniquely urban competitive running experience.

In our three-part series we travel to Seattle, Los Angeles and Vancouver to meet a group of world tower running leaders including Kevin Crossman, Shawn Stephens-Wale, Kourtney Dexter, and Coach PJ Glassey… all-in athletes who compete at a world-class level despite limited public recognition, self-financing their international vertical running adventures. See more tower running in Tower Runners - Part 3.