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Courtney Sanders Interview

What’s your favorite spot/location to be active?
Boulder, because there are tons of good sectors within a 10 hour radius and amazing training facilities. Out of state, I’d have to say Fontainebleau and Tyrol.
How do you prepare for a project/contest (info/training/nutrition)?
I specify my training for the task at hand, if I am doing an indoor comp, I focus on resistance training by doing power endurance circuits. For an outdoor route or boulder I either train finger strength by doing campus board workouts or projecting hard problems. For routes, I train pure resistance (4X4’s or do laps on routes or long boulder problems).
Nutrition wise, I eat a balanced diet consisting of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and bread/pastas.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
Climbing two V11/8A’s in a day.
What are your next goals (related to your sport)?
To establish a hard first ascent, produce a movie and climb a V12 in Zimbabwe this summer.
Who do you look up to, who motivates you?
Lynn Hill has always been a big inspiration for me on the female side, but anyone who is passionate about their sport and tries really hard motivates me no matter what level they are at.
Who is your favorite person to hang out with/be active with?
Definitely my hubby, Daniel Woods! He’s always as equally psyched and motivated. We share our motivation, and inspire each other to train hard, fight for our goals, and never give up.
What is your ‘2nd’ sport (not only outdoor activities)?
I played soccer for 12 years, and I am getting my yoga teacher certification this year. I love all sports though.
What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
Edit videos, film other climbers, read books, study languages, play mindless computer games, clean my house, cook, hang out with my dog.
What’s your favorite adidas product and why?
My baby blue down jacket! I use it every day and you can stuff it into a small sack so it’s easy to travel with!
What’s your favorite food?
Cappuccinos and chocolate.