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The Girls Know How to Party

  • Illustrators at Brazil’s WSP get busy

Where else has White Space Project been to?

In Germany, the Originals shop window in Berlin-Mitte was given a major artistic overhaul. 24-year-old artist Cornelia Bölke headed up the The Shop of Modern Arts working with eight of her art school pals with a temporary mixed-media exhibition that touched upon art, design and fashion. The crew presented lamps, photography, shoe shelves and chairs to hundreds of fascinated guests who attended the opening on April 26. Visitors placed orders for objects on exhibition, and worked with the crew to create their own adidas Originals bags.

Brazil got busy with its own event held at hip multifunctional venue Cartell 011, gathering bloggers of various backgrounds from make-up artistry to photography. A brilliant night was executed as party guests were treated to painted talons, delicious morsels and awesome tunes. The Brazil girls certainly know how to put on a good party!

In downtown Athens, Mad TV VJ and WSP representative Mary Retsina took over the Originals store and held her own launch party with an interactive photo wall. The wall featured a photo shoot of 10 invited guests expressing the individual ways that gets them going in the morning. Greece’s fashion blogging elite was scattered around to cover the event and as you can see from the pics, guests were grinning from ear to ear!
With the adidas Originals tumblr updated daily, you’ll want to keep an eye on the latest. So go on, bookmark this page: adidasoriginals.tumblr.com/tagged/wsp. We’re proud to showcase the work of some of the most inspiring women around!