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Originality Rules

Every girl is an original. To give props to that originality, adidas Originals came up with the White Space Project. We’re setting the stage for talented ladies across nine cities world-wide and inviting them to show us their creative skills. The White Space Project in US is being represented by Coco & Breezy, an edgy designer duo, and indie pop sensation, Yuna Zarai. Let’s get to know them.

Meet Coco and Breezy
Coco and Breezy are twin sisters who have established themselves as designers with unbridled imagination. They have been spotted front row on runways and have been featured in publications including Vogue, Inked, NY Times, Vibe and Fader. Their style and influence speak to girls who would rather stand out, than blend in.

Meet Yuna Zarai
Malaysian-born recording artist Yuna Zarai is known for her unique high-energy pop. She was nominated on MTV ‘ Iggy’s best band in the world.’ Her work’s been produced by the hottest names in the business. She lives and breathes pop culture. “I’m obsessed with clothes that will make me look like a Jedi”, she says. Originality is strong with this one.

Both Coco and Breezy as well as Yuna Zarai have a similar take on creativity, even though they operate in different disciplines. It’s all about being a one-of-a-kind artist.
For Yuna: “Being creative enables you to create something no one else has. I have always been that kind of girl that refuses to conform to anything else that’s already out there.”
It’s the same for Coco and Breezy who like to customize existing items into something fresh and exciting. Coco claims: “We want to show people that even if something is a classic piece, you can make it into your own.”

Our event features a mix of entertainment and self-creation; with T-shirts to customize and Instagram pictures to print directly from the Instaprinter.
Stay tuned to see how it all rolled out!

Find out more about talented Originals girls on: www.adidas.com/wsp