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Thomas Huber Interview

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Thomas is often characterized as a dreamer, easy to excite, laid-back and sometimes a bit unrealistic. But this is exactly what keeps him going - the unrealistic aspect of a project makes it interesting and exciting for him. ‘That’s because you try to achieve things, which lie beyond the known limits. It’s boring if you know in advance that the project will succeed. I want to face challenges.’ In his early years as a climber people like Wolfgang Güllich or Reinhard Karl motivated him to further improve his skills. Later he simply wanted to ‘do something that no-one has done before me - to strike new paths. I’m not a follower’. His kids are also interested in climbing and, according to Thomas, they are even better than Alexander and I were at that age. ‘They are very athletic and maybe they will also do climbing one day, but I won’t pave the way for them, they’ll have to go their own way’. Thomas and his family live in Berchtesgaden (GER).