adidas NEO
An amazing crew, a fun group of models, and an unseasonably sunny day in the Pacific Northwest provided all the entertainment we would need for shooting the 2013 NEO Spring Collection.
As the shoot began, rather than running through the typical fashion poses one might expect from an apparel brand shoot, our models were encouraged to be in the moment, to act as they would normally, and truly take to heart NEO’s call to live their style. And live it they did—a splash-filled romp in a downtown fountain, a makeshift skate park, and a spur-of-the-moment concert venue were just a few of the highlights from our day.
The NEO Spring Collection shoot, featuring the iconic Ira Keller Fountain and scenic Pettygrove Park, was produced by Portland’s own Kamp Grizzly and photographed by Jake Stangel.
Got your Fall and Winter wardrobe all laid out? If not, NEO can help.
At a recent photo shoot, NEO’s latest styles starred in a series of animated gifs that bring these awesome new outfits to life. Inspired by the “things organized neatly” trend in photography, each of the gifs introduces one NEO item at a time, tidily laid out on a wooden pallet. Using lo-fi stopmotion animation, the whole color-coded outfit appears within seconds and then dances around the pallet. We organized these NEO ensembles to inspire your attire all through the holidays — with outfits for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day.
So take a look at the stills from the shoot or head herefor the animated versions and watch the latest NEO styles come alive!
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