The new miCoach X_CELL will help you make the rise from good to great. It measures your explosiveness when making those short sharp cuts, those huge hanging jumps and your overall 'Hustle score' during a game. Out-jump your opponent. Burst through the gain line. Go all in. Every time.
With the SPEED_CELL, you can track your performance on the field of play like never before. Capture your top speed, distance, intensity and number of sprints so you can study your game, train smarter and improve. You used to think you were fast. Now you know for certain.
Sync your stats with the multi-sport app and watch it get to work. It analyses your game and tells you where you need to improve.
The most exciting thing to happen to the web this year? We certainly think so…Say hello to #mygirls zine, a space run for girls by girls, where what’s happening with adidas girls right now is front and center. What you see and read here is straight from the source: real stories and authentic style, not to mention a completely new and interactive way to shop exclusive adidas gear online. This month, #mygirls features some of the world’s most inspiring young women - like Baraha, a must-be-seen-to-believe 19-year-old member of Jordan’s national women’s boxing team, and a Nigerian football player named Azizat who runs the show, on and off the field. Read their stories and watch them in action – then join the conversation about what inspires you to live, dress and play with passion.
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