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Dream Jobs: Meet Mark & Taylor

Ever wonder what happens to NEO teens once they grow up? They never stop chasing ways to find fun wherever they go, whatever they do.

Meet Mark Oblow and Taylor Scott Dunfee, two of the pros who helped shoot the new styles of NEO’s Fall and Winter 2012 collection on location in sunny Stinson Beach, California and snowy White Wolf Canyon, Nevada. Mark, a skater-turned-photographer, snapped the pics, while Taylor, the digital technician on the shoots, organized and edited the images on his computer for maximum awesome. But even over an epic day of lighting, shooting, and digital editing, they made sure fun was always in the mix, goofing off every chance they got.

So what’s in a day’s work for Mark and Taylor? According to this behind-the-scenes video, it includes perks such as traveling around the world, working with creative people, and occasionally getting jumped by gangsters for your camera. In the video, you can see them in action and also get some expert advice for how to let your passion lead you to your very own dream job. Watch below as they chat about the worst jobs they’ve ever had, the perks of working with NEO, and the advice they’d give to their teenaged selves (not that they would listen!).

Ready to meet more NEO pros? Check back soon to meet the shoots’ makeup artist and photo stylist!