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Dream Jobs: Meet Anna & Danielle

Now that you’ve met NEO’s photographer and digital techwe’d like to introduce you to two more of the pros who helped bring our Fall and Winter 2012 shoots in Stinson Beach, California and White Wolf Canyon, Nevada to life.

Meet Anna Roth Milner and Danielle Decker. As NEO’s photo stylist, Anna is an incredibly resourceful lady, working in crazy conditions — like the blizzard in White Wolf Canyon — to make sure everything, from the set to the models’ clothes, look perfect. Danielle, NEO’s makeup artist, says she landed her gig by chance. But when she mentioned starting an imaginary modeling agency at eight-years-old (“I was cray-cray,” she said), we started to doubt that chance had anything to do with it.

In the behind-the-scenes video below, you can watch both Anna and Danielle on set and hear them talk about how they got started, what they love most about their jobs, and what you can do to become a photo stylist or makeup artist one day. They also dish on their worst jobs and dole out some advice for their teenage selves. Anna even talks about the time she got lost in celeb’s villa. Check it out!

We’ll be updating the blog with more fun behind-the-scenes footage soon, so keep an eye on this spot!