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get your gear and get coached

Reaching UEFA Champions League level takes the right training and the right gear.

For classy midfielder leaders with dynamism and vision, the right gear is the adipure 11pro. Elegant and authentic, the ultimate all-round boot combines comfort, sublime touch and box-to-box durability. Together they make adipure 11pro the perfect fit for pure players like Schweinsteiger whose fluid playing style inspires those around them.

miCoach has teamed up with coach of champions, José Mourinho, to help take serious young talent further. The 2012/2013 Season Training Program devised in collaboration with José Mourinho uses the same exercises and programs followed by top UEFA Champions League players. Working alongside the UEFA Champions League season itself, each phase of the plan builds on the last to achieve one final objective: taking your game to the ultimate level.

Join José Mourinho and the UEFA Champions League training group at http://micoach.com/uclgroup