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Introducing adidas DryDye

Back when human beings first figured out how to make a lot of stuff really easily in factories, they didn’t think about how this would affect the planet or how we might even run out of the things we need to make that stuff.

It takes 1 Mediterranean Sea every 2 years to color the world's clothing.

We have to be a whole lot smarter now and figure out the best ways to make what we need, while keeping our future in mind.

This is the adidas approach to making the world a Better Place, and this is why we teamed up with the Yeh Groupwho revolutionizedthe clothing industry with DryDye, technology that puts color into our clothes while keeping the water in the Mediterranean where it belongs.

It normally takes 25 liters of water to color 1 shirt.

And one of the great things about using smart technologies like DryDye is that you often kill more than one bird with one stone.

DryDye uses 50% less energy and 50% fewer chemicals.

This summer, adidas is making 50,000 DryDye t-shirts with fabric from the Yeh Group –that’s 1,250,000 liters of water saved!

Going forward, adidas will be making more and more product with DryDye. The t-shirts are just the beginning!

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(Claims are based on a Life Cycle Assessment by DyeCoo Textile Systems BV. Percentages are based on DyeCoo machinery results compared with industry averages of best available technology over the last 7 years.)