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Jared Meehan Interview

  • Jared Meehan 1

What’s your favorite spot/location to be active?
My local rivers that flow after it has rained are amongst the best I have paddled. I learned to paddle on these rivers, and after traveling and kayaking around the world it’s still nice to come home and paddle the originals.

How do you prepare for a project/contest?
Spending time in my kayak is most important for me. After spending a few months paddling every day, your kayak becomes an extension of yourself. For racing or paddling a dangerous rivers, there is nothing more important that knowing your gear and exactly what you can do in it.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
I am proud of my film making awards. Olaf and I have put together a few films from our expeditions which have been well received. My biggest competing accomplishments competing go back to my days of slalom racing and achieving number one on our national team for a number of years. I have also taken out a few titles extreme racing over the years.

What are your next goals related to your sport?
I am helping put together an event/tv show this year called the Battle of New Zealand. It is a progressive race in which we travel the country and race on the most spectacular pieces of whitewater. It will be performance in critical locations. To me that is what it means to be an outdoor athlete pushing the boundaries.

Who do you look up to, who motivates you?
My mum, she is a legend. Always has some good advice.

Who is your favorite guy to hang out with/be active with?
I enjoy hanging out with all the guys on the team. It’s sometimes difficult to travel with people but we all get on so well and always have heaps of laughs.

What’s your ‘2nd‘ sport?
My second sport would have to be surfing. I have actually surfed for longer than I have kayaked. That is followed closely by fishing and spearfishing.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
Surfing or fishing.

What’s your favorite adidas product and why?
A shoe called the TERREX FAST X FM GTX. I know it’s a long name, I just read it off the box! but they are seriously the best shoes I have ever worn. Great comfort and support. I am onto my third pair and I do everything in them... except sleep.

What’s your favorite food?
I have been catching a few fish lately and smoking them. It’s hard to beat smoked fish.