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Alexander Huber Interview

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Alexander climbed his first 4000m peak together with his father at the age of eleven. After that, guided by his father and looking up to the likes of Reinhold Messner and Hermann Buhl, he grew up as a mountaineer and later developed to be one of the world’s top climbers. When being asked about the factor that makes someone a top climber or mountaineer the first thing that comes to his mind is passion. ’That’s what really counts. Everything else comes with the passion in the end – endurance, motivation, skill’. And the feeling he had on top of his first 4000m peak is what still drives him. Particularly when climbing difficult routes or going on expeditions in Patagonia, Antarctica, the Himalaya or the Alps. ‘And this little bit of uncertainty which makes the difference; that’s the essence, that’s what causes this pressure in your stomach that makes you feel so utterly alive.’ Alexander and his family live in Traunstein (GER).