Robert Jasper

Birth Date:
Main Sports:
Mountaineering / Climbing
Career Highlights:
Robert Jasper is an worldclass Mountaineer and his expeditions led him to the most difficult mountains in the world.
(Himalaya, North and South Amerika, Baffin Island, India.)
The three biggest North Faces of the Alps (Eiger; Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses) solo Eiger North Face climbed 17-times on mainly different routes
First one day ascent of Cerro Torre in Patagonia from Basecamp.
First soloascent of Spit verdonesque 7a, A1 Eiger North Face
First ascente of the most difficult Eiger North Face climb Symphonie d´libertee 8a and first free ascent of the Japanese direct 8a, 1800 m.
Mt.Mc Kinley (Denali) two different Routes in four days
Murallon North pillar M8 first ascent, alpinstyle.
Murallon North face 1. ascent 7c,A2, 1000 meters (Inlandicecape of Patagonia)
Baffin Island, First ascent take the long way home 8a, A4
First ascent of the hardest mixed routes worldwide Flying Circus M10, No Limits M13, Powerbat M13+
Freeclimbing: onsight 8a, Redpoint 8b+