LST™ technology

Light Stabilizing Technology™

Dazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors. LST™ harmonizes extreme light fluctuations. In this way. LST™ prevents rapid eye fatigue and ensures top sporting performances.

space lens


Solar protection against extreme radiation
(glacier, snow, water)

very darkly tinted not suitable for driving space lens
lst activelst active light

LST™ Active / LST™ Active light

Beside contrast enhancement and light harmonization
the red tinted lens also has a vitalizing psychological effect.

darkly tintedslightly tinted lst active
lst contrastlst contrast light

LST™ Contrast / LST™ Contrast light

Optimum contrasting effect and light harmonization properties, that work particularly well on green landscapes.

darkly tintedmoderatly tinted lst contrast
lst bluelightfiter

LST™ Bluelightfilter

Harmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, contrast enhancement and brightening effect, perfect blue light protection.

very darkly tinted not suitable for drivingdarkly tinted lst bluelightfilter
lst bright

LST™ Bright

Light Stabilizing Technology™ and contrast enhancement in fog and diffuse light conditions, thereby increasing the safety factor.

transparent to slightly tintedslightly tinted lst bright
lst polarized

LST™ Polarized

Special lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc., harmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, high contrasting effect.

darkly tintedslightly tinted lst polarized
lst vario

LST™ Vario

Special photochromic lens which controls the different light conditions by changing the lens tint automatically – from filter category 2 to 3 and reverse.

darkly tintedtransparent to slightly tinted lst vario