Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ Wide filter range
2-frame levelling™ Sophisticated lens fixation
SPX™ Material / Traction Grip™ Decentered Vision Advantage™ Polycarbonate Lens

Double-Snap Nose Bridge™
2 sizes

individual fit

wide filter range

2-frame levelling™
Traction Grip™
Head Strap

secure fit

sophisticated lens fixation

SPX™ Material
Traction Grip™

wearing comfort

Light Stabilizing Technology™
Decentered Vision Advantage™
Polycarbonate Lens

the light stabilizing technology - lst Dazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors. LST™ harmonizes extreme light fluctuations. In this way. LST™ prevents rapid eye fatigue and ensures top sporting performances.

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Revolultionairy Nano-Foam™ Technology guarantees that sweat isn´t absorbed by the foam. nano video


the four concepts

Ultimate vision, optimum protection, customized fit and maximum durability are the key characteristics of a quality sports frame.

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2-frame levelling™

An optimum fit and helmet compatibility is provided by the 2-frame levelling™ system of the id2 goggles. The detachable and flexible front part automatically adapts to your helmet-size.

decentered vision advantage pc lens

Decentered Vision Advantage™ Polycarbonate Lens

Decentering of the optical center will result in distortion free vision, even in highly curved lenses up to 10 base. This decentered Vision Avantage PC lens corresponds to the maximum optical quality 1 level, which reduces eye fatigue.

doube-snap nose bridge

Double-Snap Nose Bridge™

To optimize the resting position on your nose the Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ provides you a double level height adjustment. The non slip, soft material gives you a secure and comfortable feel.

wide filter range

Wide filter range

Whatever the light and weather conditions for your sport are, adidas eyewear provides with you a wide range of filter colors. With the Quick-Change Lens System™ you can change them in a simple and fast way.

sophisticated lens fixation

Sophisticated lens fixation

Sophisticated lens fixation guarantee both, a proper fit but still easy lens changing.
Simple, fast but sturdy - your adidas eyewear lenses are built for easy handling. No matter which light and weather conditions, with one easy movement you will be well prepared.

SPX material / tractions grip

SPX™ Material / Traction Grip™

A non slip, pressure free and stable fit. Your eyewear stays where you need it. SPX™ is an extra-light, break-proof and allergyfree material with incorporated Flex Zones™. Together with the Traction Grip™ it provides the necessary flexibility and wearing comfort.