LST Bright - Because its vision that drives you.


LST Bright is the lens that helps to keep your eye on your target with crystal clarity.
LST Bright sharpens the perception in all light conditions and enhances high contrast vision especially in fog and diffuse light.

  • Brightening effect under dim light conditions
  • Improves visual performance
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Enhances contrasts

LST Bright. Perfect for snow, bike, outdoors, golf and running.

LST Active - Get ahead of the pack.


LST Active is the lens that helps you stay ahead day after day.
LST Active: Brightening effect despite high light absorption, enhanced contrast vision.

  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Enhances contrasts
  • Improves peripheral vision
  • Ensures clear perception of all terrain irregularities
  • Brightening effect
  • Protects against dazzle

LST Active. Perfect for bike, running, golf, outdoors and snow.

LST Contrast - Focus on what’s important!


LST Contrast is the lens that eliminates all visual detractors.
LST Contrast lens sharpens perception in all light conditions and enhances high-contrast vision especially against green backgrounds.

  • Prevents dazzle and improves visual comfort
  • Enhances contrasts for clear perception of physical terrain contours such as putting greens
  • Preserves natural colors

LST Contrast. Perfect for golf and running.

LST Vario - Perfect vision for any condition!


LST Vario is the lens that ensures excellent vision in any lighting.
LST Vario sharpens perception and due to its photochromic filters adapts automatically to different light conditions.

  • Self-tinting lens automatically adapts to the environment by darkening or brightening as required
  • Rapid reaction times
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Enhances contrast

LST Vario. Perfect for running and golf.

LST Polarized - Cut through glare and reflection.


LST Polarized is the lens that protects your eyes against irritating reflections and dazzle.
LST Polarized sharpens perception in all light conditions and effectively eliminates light waves reflected by brilliant and shiny surfaces.

  • Improved contrast vision compared to normal polarized lenses
  • Prevents reflections caused by snow, water or wet asphalt
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Preserves natural colors

LST Polarized. Perfect for watersports.

LST Bluelightfilter - Protect your vision!


LST Bluelightfilter is the lens that leaves you relaxed and confident on even the most challenging mountain trek.
LST Bluelightfilter sharpens perception in all light conditions and protects your eyes reliably against high-energy blue light at high altitudes.

  • Excellent eye protection against dangerous, high-energy blue light
  • Balances rapid light/shadow changes
  • Improves peripheral vision
  • High contrast vision, especially important in mountain conditions

LST Bluelightfilter. Perfect for outdoors and snow.