A colourful choice for kids and teens - base-y from adidas eyewear

Say farewell to boring eyewear! The new base-y Performance Youth models from adidas eyewear offer the perfect combination of both function and style. Not only are they robust, comfortable and light, they also look extremely good. The kids' versions come in bright colours, while teens can look forward to more sober shades. The new fullrim models will be available in specialist eyewear stores from March 2013.

Parents are sure to agree - kids and teens can be quite demanding at times. When it comes to optical eyewear, it needs to sit comfortably and be robust, but most importantly it also needs to look really good. The eyewear specialist adidas eyewear has taken up this challenge and with its new base-y Performance Youth models is showing just how cool and yet functional eyewear fashion can be.

The a003/a004 models feature a sporty design, the adidas brand logo and trendy colours. They are designed for both kids and teens with small faces. Just for kids: the brightly coloured a005 and a006 versions. All fullrim models are made from the extremely light and very robust Performance Steel™ material. They adjust to the shape of the wearer's head, sit barely noticeably and leave no pressure points. The soft, adjustable bridge also ensures a comfortable fit. The non-slip Traction Grip™ material on the inside of the temples makes sure that the eyewear stays securely in place.

Kids and teens can choose from a wide range of colours for the new base-y models from adidas eyewear. The a003 and a004 are available in taupe, earth brown, vivid pink, university red and power steel, while the a005 and a006 come in taupe, earth brown, joy orchid, poppy red and power blue.

All originals have the look!