tycane pro - adidas eyewear ushering in a new era

With the new model tycane eyewear specialist adidas eyewear launches again a new innovative and high functional sport eyewear and is ushering in a new era of eyewear technology. The revolutionary sports eyewear features hydrophobic filter technology, an exceptionally wide field of vision and an innovative design to ensure first-class vision and maximum protection for the eyes. With the special equipment of the "pro" version the tycane is a must have equipment for any kind of watersports. Especially while sailing the tycane pro will help you to keep your destination in sight - at all times!

A long day of racing in windy conditions brings sailors in direct contact with water and wind. To precisely navigate the next turn marker, they need to be able to rely one hundred per cent on their vision. To address this need, the eyewear specialist adidas eyewear is now offering them the new tycane pro, equipped with revolutionary eyewear technology. The sports eyewear was developed in close collaboration with athletes, including the young British professional sailor Sam Goodchild (age 23): "I've spent my whole life outdoors. I am very aware of the importance of protecting your eyes. When the waves break over the deck, I know I can rely one hundred per cent on the tycane pro. It sits securely on my head and gives me a clear view at all times - even when the sun is reflecting off the water."

Large, strongly curved 10-base filters and shatterproof, water-resistant LSTâ„¢ filters create an extremely wide field of vision for the wearer and ensure an optimal view at all times. A unique hydrophobic coating and a particularly flat frame design quickly repel water droplets, without leaving any annoying streaks on the filters. Particles of dirt and dust are simply washed away. In addition, special drainage channels on the frame allow water to efficiently drain away from inside. A completely new and unparalleled feature on the market is the POL filters with a 10-base curve. As well as allowing a perfectly wide angle of vision, these innovative filters also eliminate irritating glare from highly reflective surfaces such as water, sand or wet rocks. Additionally, the POL filters make the problem of reading digital instruments on board a thing of the past. The LST™ filter technology also has a light-stabilising and contrast-enhancing effect. It protects the eyes from dangerous UV rays and irritating wind.

A dynamic ventilation technique prevents the eyewear from misting up when the wearer is giving it his or her all. If high winds are proving a challenge, an additional headband provides maximum grip. And if the eyewear happens to fall overboard, a floater integrated in the headband makes sure it stays on top of the water.

The SPX frame is light, flexible, shatterproof and non-allergenic. Adjustable temples and nose pads allow the eyewear to be ideally adapted to suit the shape of the wearer's head. As well as its functional features, the tycane pro is also distinguished by its innovative appearance: the mesh design temples symbolise the structure of a sail, while the silver adidas logo reflects its shape. The temples feature a rubber coating at the back to stop the eyewear from slipping, even without the headband.

The new model is available in the sizes of S and L and in the colours of black/lime, black/grey, white/red and grey/blue. For those requiring visual correction, it can be fitted with an optical insert or direct glazing can be applied by an optician.

Like all other models in the adidas eyewear collection, the tycane pro is designed and manufactured by the renowned eyewear producer Silhouette International in Austria.