The new customize models from adidas Originals eyewear offer you millions of possible combinations

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Do you like to show your own individual style? Then adidas Originals eyewear has just what you are looking for. From February 2013, you can create your own Originals eyewear thanks to its new customize models. There are millions of combinations to choose from - and that's just the beginning. Interested? To find out more, visit There is even a virtual mirror allowing you to "try on" your design and check whether it suits your look.

So how does it work? The online configurator on the adidas Originals eyewear website allows you to give free rein to your creativity and design your own sunglasses. Mix and match temples, frames and filters according to your preferred shapes and colours. When your design is complete, you can view the final effect in the virtual mirror. All you need is a webcam. Alternatively, you can download a smartphone app. The virtual mirror helps you to quickly decide whether you have found the perfect style or need to experiment a little more.

How did it all begin? A few month ago, the designers at adidas Originals eyewear came up with an innovative concept. Their aim was to allow people to express their own personal style through their eyewear. They took inspiration from everyday life. How cool would it be to coordinate your sunglasses to every outfit? They drew inspiration from the latest trends, presenting fresh takes on the styles of the 50s, 70s and 80s- and a new concept rapidly emerged, paving the way for millions of combinations of customize eyewear.

The customize models are manufactured by the renowned eyewear producer Silhouette International in Austria – your guarantee of first class product quality, from colours and materials to fit.

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