the four concepts

Ultimate vision, optimum protection, customized fit and maximum durability are the key characteristics of a quality sports frame. adidas eyewear has evolved these properties - fine tuned to the requirements typical of the individual sports.

Vision Concept

World record or personal best – the Vision Concept by adidas eyewear optimizes sport performance. Cutting-edge technological developments and innovative design ensure clear vision even under the most diffi cult con-ditions, such as the rapid interplay of light and shadow, strong UV radiation, dust or insects. This enhances concentration and performance. Perfect vision for your vision.

Protection Concept

To ensure optimum vision, the eyes must be protected against irritating physical infl uences. Consequently, adidas eyewear pays heightened attention to safety aspects. The Protection Concept offers maximum safety: materials, fi lters, build – everything is geared to protect the eyes and the frame in order to enhance athletic performance. The adidas eyewear Protection Concept – a safe step closer to your vision.

Fit Concept

In addition to optimum vision and maximum protection, it is necessary to have the perfect-fi tting eyewear. This aids to maintain concentration and performance levels. Minimum weight, maximum fl exibility and numerous adidas features for individual adjustment combine perfect fi t with supreme wearing comfort and ensure that you feel the frame only when taking it off. The adidas eyewear Fit Concept for optimised sport performance.

Durability Concept

Athletes expect their material to perform as well as themselves – and quite justly so. adidas eyewear is develo-ped and tested for and under the very toughest conditions for maximum durability. adidas eyewear – high-tech for eye-tech.